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#2 of 61 things to do in Hampi
This is one of the remarkable hostoric places to be visited by everyone especially children of age more than 12 as it has many great aspects of our Indian history which has to be learnt and known..you get to know...
Excellent for family visit
#6 of 61 things to do in Hampi
It also provides some great entertainment to small children - ours loved running around and exploring all of the ruins here.
Kids enjoyed the climb of the small hill where a group of temples lie.It is to the west side of the main entrance of the virupaksha temple.
#9 of 61 things to do in Hampi
As a child I had read about this sculpture in text books and I just stood there after many years without words.
#1 of 61 things to do in Hampi
... be admired tantalising stories of secret routes across the hill place where women tie stones to get a child sisters turned to stones temples whose outside walls have aquatic carvings and strange sea monsters c...
Oh yes make your visit soon World Heritage is demolishing local villages, what a heartache for beautiful people who's families have lived in the one spot for generations, now deemed archeological sites!!
#3 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Must visit for people who love architecture and history... Very good for kids... Good place to introduce our rich history to others..
The temple has excellent for family visit.
#5 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Once the private temple of the kings and the royal family of Vijayanagara, it is famous for the lovely panels depicting the story of the epic Ramayana.
It is truly a very good way to explain kids about the entire Ramayana story as visual and practical exposure is always worth while.
#17 of 61 things to do in Hampi
nice structure and made of single stone, from the backside we can see the mother hugging a child.
#11 of 61 things to do in Hampi
It is mesmerizing to see how the royal families have built these great structures and also heart breaking to see, how rich was India in the past and now this place is all but Ruins.
With 11 arched domed chambers elephants of royal family were kept here in the olden days.
#7 of 61 things to do in Hampi
During the day it is a hive of activity with Hindu pilgrims and families visiting and if there is a wedding ceremony it is a riot of colour and a brilliant experience to watch.
Hampi is temple city .Many temples are situated around hampi.it is good to visit temple with friend & family.
#18 of 61 things to do in Hampi
... by selling groundnut.Similarly,another Idol of Ganesha was constructed by another merchant, who made a fortune by selling Til(gingily).Both are mammoth in size and a great attraction for all including children.
#15 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Mahanavami (Dasara or Dussera) Dibba said to be used during the Vijayanagara period by the kings and the members of the Royal family to sit and watch the festivities during the 10 day long Mahanavami (Dussera) Fes...
Different cultural functions were held in front of this platform and was watched by the king and the members of the royal family.
#13 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Very clean & very beautiful place.Place is in the form of Lotus.you can spend good time with family & friend near that.There is also a garden attahed to palace
The building has many rooms built on the top for the royal family to watch the performance happening in the center hall.
#12 of 61 things to do in Hampi
sitting by the side of it..and watching those local kids play in it...and then, there's obviously the coracle ride!
we paid 800 for 2 adults and 2 kids - he agreed as there were no other customers.
#10 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Marvelous structure built with special stones holds water resource for the day to day use of the Royal Family.
Everyone should take their young kids to see our history and culture and explain them about the grandeur and beauty of this place.
#24 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Exudes the grandiose of the era as also the lifestyle of noble families.
A beautiful complex for the royal family to have fun.
#30 of 61 things to do in Hampi
The buildings were fascinating, the rocks were great from the kids and we all just enjoyed chilling out here.
#33 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Kids enjoy alot when here.
Although this is an animal act, there is no sign of coercion or abuse by the handler who is usually just standing next to the elephant more for the safety of the devotees (elderly and children) than a circus trainer.
#35 of 61 things to do in Hampi
A good outing, especially with kids.
#42 of 61 things to do in Hampi
Visitors of Hampi will come cross, Queens bath and public bath (situated near Dasara Dibba) but no one says where the men's of Royal family were taking bath, In my view this octagonal bath was the place where the...