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#2 of 174 things to do in Branson
Awesome!!!! My family saw Moses on Wed afternoon and it was awesome!!! It's a beautiful theater and our seats were great too!!! Very family friendly and a very moving show overall.
Outstanding musical quality, fascinating special effects, strong emotional appeal, and always family-friendly entertainment.
#7 of 174 things to do in Branson
A great place to spend some time with the kids at Branson Landing Great game selection and the staff was friendly!
I felt like a kid too in there just too many fun games and Mary was amazing and so sweet!!!
#3 of 174 things to do in Branson
We LOVE Banjo Boy!! Beautiful voices!! Enjoyed Catherine playing the harp!! GREAT to see family members working together and producing a fantastic show!! LOTS of new songs this year, so well worth returning to see...
Brilliant production... talented musicians playing everything from harp, to banjo, to bass, to harmonica, to saxophone, guitar, drums, keyboard and more... wonderful family harmonies... great variety of styles of...
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#11 of 174 things to do in Branson
This show was so neat.... you can enjoy family fun including funny jokes without being so vulgar...enjoyed the different music and Loved the Gospel music...... such a talented family amzing, the comics were just g...
Today, Presleys’ Theatre is a Branson Landmark, and the Presley family is still here entertaining audiences with a one-of-a-kind mix of country, gospel, bluegrass and hilarious comedy!
#22 of 174 things to do in Branson
The kids loved it and the Table Rock Lake is phenomenal for boating around, tubing, skiing, etc.
A pontoon is an awesome way to see the lake, go swimming, fishing, jump off a cliff or just enjoy family.
College of the Ozarks Point Lookout
#4 of 174 things to do in Branson
Farm Fresh, Great Family Values, Smiling Faces, Great Food!
Great environment, superb food, college-age kids are being taught how to work in a real environment, and the campus is huge!
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#27 of 174 things to do in Branson
Easy for walking, running, biking, strollers, dogs, etc. Beautiful, easy, safe, peaceful trails for the whole family!
Swam at the visitors center (beach area was closed), hiked, visited Dewey Shore which had great views and so much for the kids to do (a must see).
#17 of 174 things to do in Branson
... & $10.00 for the rider like your child & 2nd ride is $10.00!!! Highly recommended to ride when you're in Branson for family fun & you can control the speed when you're @ the top & that's awesome!!! Love it
Thank you for the awesome family fun Runaway crew!! GOD bless!!
#20 of 174 things to do in Branson
Family-oriented fun! High energy and awesome choreography adds to the individual soloists and group performances, with an outstanding orchestra that adds to the whole musical showtime experience.
Great show The whole family was great Sense8 on her The whole family was great great️️ Very well worth your trip to see these people grandson is a great city friendly people and also A great place to visit you...
#8 of 174 things to do in Branson
Built to welcome visitors, beautiful modern but warm sanctuary, family friendly.
It's a friendly place to join in praise with bathrooms front and back for the kids and places for the noisy little ones where you can still partake in the Mass.
#15 of 174 things to do in Branson
My husband and I enjoyed every minute of the fabulous Dutton Family Show, but we especially enjoyed the expertise with stringed instruments which each member of the cast excelled at!
Just saw your show this week - OUTSTANDING!!!! Mom and Dad must be so extremely proud of their talented family!!!! Perfect for all ages.
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#26 of 174 things to do in Branson
You can buy fish food and see how the fish grab it right up The grandkids loved it and we brought our kids when they were little here every time we visited Branson.
The Sheperd of the Hills is a great spot to take the entire family up into the tower that overlooks some of the prettiest country around!
#5 of 174 things to do in Branson
Clay Cooper Country Express is a fun / family / variety show that appeals to a broad range of people!! Clay has a great personality and voice -- his wife Tina and two boys (Colt and Caden) join him on the show --...
Very family friendly show and he is awesome!! Everyone enjoys his shows young and old and he is very friendly also to everyone and talks after show with anyone who wants to stop and talk and take pic also!!
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#31 of 174 things to do in Branson
Great time with kids 4, 8. Entire family had a great time on rides, good food, live musical entertainment, watching art and craft demonstrations: blacksmith, wood carving, glass blowing, candy making.
Silver Dollar City= Great Country Family Fun The old stores, the history, the rides, the friendly staff, and the family atmosphere are all of what makes SDC a great place to go with a family of young, teen, and old.
#28 of 174 things to do in Branson
We always enjoy the walking trails by the lake & the visitor center has a wonderful observation deck & history & science of the area, plus a special kids area for little ones to explore too.
My grandchildren love to watch the fish swarm the fish food they throw in the tanks, My children, appreciate the animals and stories at the Wildlife Center and all of us are amazed with the force but gentleness of...
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#9 of 174 things to do in Branson
The kids loved this ride, they especially loved riding it at night!
Great family fun!
#37 of 174 things to do in Branson
The kids loved the reptile displays and the butterfly area was spectacular with hundreds and hundreds of butterflies of all species and colors!
You got your gift shop, small aquarium/zoo with lizards and frogs, a climbing activity for the kids, a mirrored maze for all ages, and the butterflies were so amazing.
#38 of 174 things to do in Branson
Great 3 story views of the dam along with a play room for the kids and an informative movie about the dam.
I was like a child here learning about the Corps of Engineers and the history of the Dam, all of the flood control efforts done to help and protect those living downstream.
#36 of 174 things to do in Branson
I love trails and my kids have acquired my love of the outdoors so this was a great morning activity for us.
Great for families and pets to take a break and enjoy the beauty
#47 of 174 things to do in Branson
Fantastic experience interacting with animals of all kinds... My kids got to pet lamas, alpacas, kangaroos, alligators, Prarie dogs, an albino python, goats...
The up close encounters and the VIP experience were awesome, the staff was friendy and informative my kids loved it to much fun to write it all down it was a great place will be going back every time we pass throu...
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#40 of 174 things to do in Branson
... Branson sky line, north south east or west you can see everything from the theaters to the school of the Ozark, Just wonderful, we stayed on for a two turn, by just screaming one more turn, our family loved it.
The Track Family Fun company has always been one of my favorite places in Branson to visit, and the Ferris Wheel attraction made it all the much better.
#29 of 174 things to do in Branson
Worth the walk around to see this beautiful view, good for kids and adults of all ages!
We took a small tour at Lillies Landing on Lake Taneycomo,it was very very nice and family friendly.Would definantly stay there
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#12 of 174 things to do in Branson
He is a must see show, the kids in the audience was so awesome and Reza even had them participate it's great
Hospitality is great, shows are definitely good, clean, quality family fun.
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#39 of 174 things to do in Branson
Zip lining, build a bear, build a car, fudge, shopping, food, a small train for children, Bass Pro!! Great place for the family!
There's quite a variety of restaurants ... Mexican, BBQ, Italian, Steak House, etc. There's a small train ride that goes the length of the shopping area -- for a fee -- mostly for kids, but I've seen adults on it.
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#51 of 174 things to do in Branson
boating and swimming as well as picnicing Great fun for the day for the whole family.
Beautiful and really WARM which the kids loved.
Ralph Foster Museum Point Lookout
#23 of 174 things to do in Branson
It a multi-floor museum encompassing three levels with exhibits ranging from elegant china to collections of antique firearms, a natural history floor of wild animals(even have audio-which delights the children as...
The college campus is awesome and a great value for the day if your kids can entertain themselves by reading the information and focusing on the other options available.
#6 of 174 things to do in Branson
My client and I went to The God and Country theater to see The Good ol Boys it was a great show very family oriented.They involved the audience and the music was very good .I plan on going to see their show again...
A great way to see multiple shows is bring your ticket stub from one show and see all others for $28.00! Free admission for children age 12 and under.
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#52 of 174 things to do in Branson
The operative word in the title is "museum", so unless you have a quiet, thoughtful kid who is genuinely curious about old toys, and is patient enough (or even just able) to take the time to leisurely wander from...
It was fun seeing toys you played with as a child, Everything from Tinker to Star Wars, Super Heroes, Howdy Doody and Barbie Heaven
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#41 of 174 things to do in Branson
Fantastic & Free!! :-) Always the Best Combo!! Haha! Enjoyed a wonderful Evening with Kids.
My family loved the Branson Landing Fountain Show it was beautiful and a great spot for photos.
#61 of 174 things to do in Branson
A great place for family fun .Especially when bad weather hits nice heated and air conditioned and well lit .
Great Fun For The Family!