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#2 of 320 things to do in Tucson
My mom (55+) ourselves (late 20s) and our children 10 and 3yo LOVE IT! Thet new addition (The aquarium) is so beautiful and educational, but ny absolutely favorite is the hummingbird area!
The museum is truly a gem! Perfect for families as well as adults.
#3 of 320 things to do in Tucson
this is a place to go and be one with nature the trails are well marked and the sites are stunning desert at its best well preserved and family friendly
The park visitor's center has two films giving the history of its creation and a hands-on area for children.
#1 of 320 things to do in Tucson
... in Tucson where you find snow this is one of the best to enjoy with family you can ski,rent cabins to stay,camp, ride the tram line and enjoy a scenic view I loved it so did my kids there restaurants as well
Beautiful, quiet, populated only by respectful families primarily taking young children to fish, shaded on Ponderosa pines, and simply a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon (and 25 degrees cooler than Tucson...
#4 of 320 things to do in Tucson
One of best family activities for families and out of town guests, take the tram to the last stop and hike down, easy hike down the trail in beautiful canyon setting, all levels of fitness can be accommodated, you...
Residents and out of town visitors alike enjoy Sabine Canyon as a favorite place to visit for hiking, relaxing, enjoying beautiful desert scenery, and spending quality time with family and friends.
#7 of 320 things to do in Tucson
They hold a regular season of theatrical parodies of popular movies paired with musical parodies of popular music - we've seen "Space Wars," "Ghostblasters," "Henry Porter" and recently "The Cisco Kid."
Excellent Family Experience! Funny, Witty, Entertaining!
#13 of 320 things to do in Tucson
In the West District one will also find a number of good, short, family friendly trails including the Desert Discovery Nature Trail, Valley View Overlook Trail and, our favorite, leading to great views and petrogl...
The trail to the lime kilns is easy and informative as is the Freeman Homestead trail that has special activities for children on the information boards.
#10 of 320 things to do in Tucson
A great introduction to the desert, where kids and slow walkers can be comfortable, while also offering more energetic hikers opportunities to explore.
The kids loved it and the views of the canyon and mountains were fantastic.
#16 of 320 things to do in Tucson
My Michigan friends and their children loved this outing.
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#9 of 320 things to do in Tucson
There are various gardens, such as a hummingbird garden, garden for children, Sonoran seasons garden, as well as others all connected by a walking path.
Great for kids and the docents are delighted to talk to kids and invariably get them interested and enthused.
#24 of 320 things to do in Tucson
This is a wonderful spot to take kids -- they will have a blast!
Families, dogs, couples, solo visitors all visit.
#18 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Serious hikers can enjoy plenty of trails, and families can check out the visitor's center, which has a lot of information about the local ecology.
It is a great day out and a fabulous experience for children with the various hikes.
#15 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Our kids loved getting out and looking.
The kids and I were in awe of the massive saguaros.
#25 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Small enough to walk around easily Reid Park features a happy elephant family, camel rides, and a series of animal exhibits for family viewing and learning about conservation efforts.Nice little train ride by the...
We went on a cool, sunny, weekday afternoon while visiting our children, and grandchildren in Tucson.. From our teenage granddaughter down to our three month old granddaughter, everyone enjoyed it.. Close up views...
#20 of 320 things to do in Tucson
The kids really loved this place as it was very informative and only a short drive from our accomodations at Happy Cactus Rentals in Oro Valley just north of Tucson.
The children enjoy the train that is surrounded by exhibits of desert, zen, tropical, carnivore plants, recycle info, native habitat, cafe and more.
#28 of 320 things to do in Tucson
It was a pleasure to walk around, lots of families, brilliant stunt show and my son loved the carousel rides which were unlimited for his $8 wristband, a definite must when in Tucson!!
From the great shows to the little ice cream shop everything is adorable and perfect for a night out with the kids.
#5 of 320 things to do in Tucson
... model airplanes too, Boeing 787 is fantastic, love to go on a cloudy day or during winter/spring as in the summer it would be too hot, take your camera to capture all kinds of different planes, kids love it!!
Well worth the visit for families, plane lovers and military aviation history buffs.
#8 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Great pull over spot and take your family Christmas card picture.
Bring friends and kids will love it too.
#37 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Our toddler grand-kids had the time of their young lives being able to explore, touch, move, climb, push, jump, pull, and crank the exhibits at the museum.
Children's Museum Tucson is a great experience for kids and adults.Charming, with interesting stuff about science in a easy way.
#19 of 320 things to do in Tucson
This museum is great because children will love it for the miniatures (toys) while adults will love reading about the history of dollhouses as well as the craftsmanship that goes into these dollhouses.
We enjoyed finding the fairies and my kids had a blast in the room with the magic fairy tree and glass floors!
#11 of 320 things to do in Tucson
When I ask my family members what they want to do every time they come to visit they resoundingly say "hike in Madera Canyon!" Wonderful variety of trails that accommodate all levels of hikers.
This place has picnic areas and hiking trails for families as well as long uphill trails to the tops of mountains for die-hard hikers.
#26 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Beautiful displays!The African room is beautiful,and I felt as if I was in Africa.I loved the Woolly Mammoth and the Elk.We have been here many times with our children.This is a great place for hunters,homeschool...
The IWM contains an impressive collection of animals and our kids, 9 and 6, loved their scavenger hunts, which provided the added benefit of them looking at the animals and descriptions more closely.
#31 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Great place to spend a day The workers are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the movies and characters that took place here A lot of stuff for kids to do!!!! families having fun great places to take pictu...
What a great deal, we received free admission for all of our 6 family members, free awesome breakfast, and a great walk.
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#6 of 320 things to do in Tucson
At 77 now I still return to Tucson now and then to visit family , but I always find time to visit this beautiful mission and light a candle for my loved ones passed and future . .
And across the square was a pavilion with tile art work & stories by children of the Tohono O'Odham Nation, the indigenous "Desert People" (tribe name translation) of that part of AZ.
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#45 of 320 things to do in Tucson
At our ages, my hubby & I love coming here to get away from the hustle and bustle, watch the little kids faces and just have an outstanding, relaxing time.
Reid Park is a great place to go with the family, you can go to the zoo or have a picnic in the park, play games with family & friends and they have special events there on a regular basis.
#30 of 320 things to do in Tucson
Fantastic Family Trip!
This beautiful place took me right back to my childhood when we kids all watched cowboy movies.
#51 of 320 things to do in Tucson
If you're in the Tucson area, you love animals, or have kids who love animals, this is the place to go.
I heard about this place through friends who said it was so much fun, so I decided to take my 5 year old on my birthday for a family fun day and it was everything we had heard about and more!
#52 of 320 things to do in Tucson
connects to the river trail which is great for walking, running or biking; trail has multiple different parks every 1-2 miles for kids and pets to enjoy; great for long bike rides without any worry about dealing w...
Wonderful fun for the entire family.
#21 of 320 things to do in Tucson
The venue is superb with tents lining the mall and featured books for children to political books, and everything in-between.
Whatta great place to check out-- either walk through beautiful campus or drive( just be sure to watch for pedestrians/ college kids Everywhere! )
#61 of 320 things to do in Tucson
We travel to Tucson twice a year to visit family and when we do Sweetwater Wetlands is an activity we do about twice each day.
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#63 of 320 things to do in Tucson
We did have our lunch here with the kids before going on the small "hike" to see the petroglyphs.
This is a great family place.