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Places to explore in Mexico

It’s not just for spring-breakers. Cancun, with its golden beaches and perfect climate, is the premiere coastal destination in Mexico. And while there is certainly a 365-day party available for college students, resorts cater well to families and to those seeking solitude. This Yucatan paradise is also the gateway to the ruins of Tulum and Chichén Itzá.
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Mexico City
Rising from the ruins of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, Mexico City offers a unique collision of contemporary city life and historic preservation. World-class museums, restaurants and parks rub shoulders with the remains of several cultures. The nightlife, the shopping and the history make it a must-see regardless of your travel style.
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The inland city of Guadalajara is bursting with history and culture. Many attractions are in the city's historic centre and in the neighbouring city of Zapopan. Museums, parks and churches flourish alongside bullfights, rodeos and ‘futbol’. Nearby are the towns of Tequila, where the drink of the same name is produced, and Tlaquepaque and Tonala, where Mexican artisans create an abundance of craft items. Mariachi, which originated in the area, is a common sight and sound in Guadalajara.
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Los Cabos
Mexico's fastest-growing resort area offers miles of empty desert and deserted beaches. Laid-back nightlife and old-fashioned fun in the sun is the Cabos' lure. Only certain beaches are safe for swimming, however, including Lovers' Beach and the more tempestuous and aptly named Divorce Beach. Whale-watching, hang-gliding, snorkelling, antique-hunting, golf and fishing, Loreto's historic mission, and sport fishing and dining in capital La Paz are other attractions. SuburBaja buses travel the coast.
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Puerto Vallarta
Dozens of nightclubs, hundreds of restaurants and some of Mexico's best beaches await you in Puerto Vallarta. The original colonial town still shines through an endless selection of shopping, art galleries, water and land activities, and hotels. Walk the malecon (boardwalk) and just try to take it all in.
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The industrial city of Monterrey is reigned over by the mighty Cerro de Silla, a mountain that galvanizes adventurers with its steep hiking trails. Within the city, an 18th-century neighbourhood impresses with its architecture and harbours what’s hailed as Mexico’s most beautiful bookshop.
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Arrival at Mexico

Flights to Mexico usually come in from Los Angeles, California via a connecting flight. However, Mexico flights can be made directly from Europe. The airfare to Mexico varies depending on the airline's rates at the designated dates and the travel class taken. Cheap flights to Mexico are obtainable by booking economy class travel seats or getting discount coupons from various air travel sites on the Internet. It is worth comparing the prices of airfare rates in order to make savings. Flights from Europe to Mexico usually take approximately 10 to 11 hours depending on the point of origin.

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Getting Around in Mexico

There are three ways to get around Mexico: by bus, by car, and by plane. The best way to travel on land is by taking the toll roads. They cost more than regular roads, but it will take you to your destination much faster. You can either take a car or a bus to get to your destination, whichever is preferred. As a large country, it would take a lot of days to travel by land to faraway locations. Taking the planes will be a good idea. Plane rides are cheap as long as they are booked in advance.

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Main Attractions in Mexico

Acapulco is an excellent place to travel and is considered to be Mexico's prime tourist destination with its high-rise buildings, pristine beaches, and romantic history. To experience the Mexican tradition, visit Guadalajara. The area features the Mexican Hat Dance, Mexican Rodeo, Mariachi music, and tequila. To experience the country to its fullest, visit Mexico City and enjoy its various offerings including museums, nightlife, and other entertainment options. To enjoy the country's natural attraction, head to Puerto Vallarta. The view of the mountains, rivers, ocean, and the coastlines is spectacular, especially during sunset. Between November and March, tourists may even chance upon whales and dolphins near the coastline.

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Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

You may shop for souvenirs and gift items at various stores found on the country's best resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Anywhere in the country, you will also find many local indigenous art pieces, which you can add to your collection. As for food, try the local delicacies including tacos, chicharron, enchiladas, tostados and carnitas. These foods are served in almost every local restaurant in the area. For a taste of nightlife, try bars like Sol, Corona, Bohemia, Indio, and Estrella. Some of the common drinks you can find include tequila, tuba, absinth, and mezcal.

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On Arrival...

  • There are 57 airports in Mexico and the 5 biggest are
  • Juarez Intl Airport (Mexico City)
  • Right now, 38 airlines operate out of Juarez Intl Airport.
  • Juarez Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 94 cities.
  • Every week, at least 3,390 domestic flights and 1,124 international flights depart from Juarez Intl Airport.
  • Gen Mariano Escobedo Airport (Monterrey)
  • Right now, 23 airlines operate out of Gen Mariano Escobedo Airport.
  • Gen Mariano Escobedo Airport offers nonstop flights to 32 cities.
  • Every week, at least 591 domestic flights and 143 international flights depart from Gen Mariano Escobedo Airport.
  • Rodriguez Airport (Tijuana)
  • Right now, 12 airlines operate out of Rodriguez Airport.
  • Rodriguez Airport offers nonstop flights to 35 cities.
  • Every week, at least 652 domestic flights depart from Rodriguez Airport.
  • Cancun Airport (Cancun)
  • Right now, 45 airlines operate out of Cancun Airport.
  • Cancun Airport offers nonstop flights to 70 cities.
  • Every week, at least 749 domestic flights and 1,050 international flights depart from Cancun Airport.
  • Miguel Hidal Airport (Guadalajara)
  • Right now, 29 airlines operate out of Miguel Hidal Airport.
  • Miguel Hidal Airport offers nonstop flights to 52 cities.
  • Every week, at least 670 domestic flights and 467 international flights depart from Miguel Hidal Airport.