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Places to explore in France

Everyone who visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave some time to wander the city’s grand boulevards and eat in as many cafes, bistros and brasseries as possible. And don’t forget the shopping—whether your tastes run to Louis Vuitton or Les Puces (the flea market), you can find it here.
Explore Paris
Travellers visit the port city of Marseille, the third largest city in France, for the meeting of style and history. The bay, flanked by Fort Saint-Nicolas, and Fort Saint-Jean shelters the Castle of If, from Count of Monte Cristo fame. Watched over by the basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, the city's pedestrian zones and shopping areas (including the colourful French-African quarter) mix with historical sites.Travellers looking for a fun time go to the OK Corral, a cowboy theme amusement park.
Explore Marseille
Nice has a cosmpolitan Riviera vibe, and you'll enjoy exploring its fashionable boutiques and restaurants and sunning yourself on its popular beaches. (Just don't expect soft sand—these beaches have pebbles.) Walk up to Castle Hill for a beautiful view of the city, the Bay of Angels and of course, the bright blue water that gave the Cote d'Azur its name.
Explore Nice
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon has 2,000 years of history imprinted on its streets (yes, the cobblestone kind). Explore this history in Vieux Lyon (one of Europe's most extensive Renaissance neighbourhoods) and Lyon's two Roman amphitheatres, which still stage rock concerts today. It's no wonder Lyon is a popular area for travellers, with its dynamic university, first-class shopping, antique markets, vibrant theatre and music festivals, and a range of interesting museums, such as the International Puppet Museum and the Museum of Miniatures and Film Sets. (When we say "interesting," we mean it.)
Explore Lyon
The southern France city of Toulouse is a study in contrasts. Visit the Academie des Jeux Floraux, the oldest literary society in the western world, as well as the Galerie du Chateau d'eau, the world's first photography museum. Stroll the Garonne, before visiting France's most beautiful pipe organ at the Saint-Sernin Basilica. Yet for all its medieval architecture, Toulouse is a modern city, home to the European aerospace industry, as well as bars and restaurants in bustling Place du Capitole.
Explore Toulouse
Ajaccio, Corsica's main city, is fun to visit at any time of year. But if you're a secret (or not-so-secret) Napoleon Bonaparte groupie, plan to be there on August 15 and join the celebration of the birthday of Ajaccio's most famous son. Casa Buonaparte, Napoleon's family home and birthplace, is worth a visit, as is the town cathedral. Or just enjoy the Corsican sun.
Explore Ajaccio
Reborn as one of France’s most dynamic and culturally progressive cities, Nantes is a city that wears its innovation on its sleeve. Populated by artists, engineers, and students, its ever-changing skyline is anchored by medieval roots and a rich maritime heritage.
Explore Nantes
After many years of hard work, the "Sleeping Beauty" has awoken from its slumber. The city is beautifully restored and has an ultra-modern public transport system. The “Port of the Moon” is also now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Stone Bridge, with its 17 arches, crosses the Garonne, offering pedestrians a lovely view over the docks and harbour. Take a stroll through old Bordeaux in the Triangle d'Or and stop at Place des Quinconces, France’s largest public square. The city of Bordeaux is an ideal base for exploring the greater wine region’s unforgettable sights and tastes.
Explore Bordeaux

Arriving in France

France is a large country with several airports, and flights to France from the UK are frequent. The largest airports are in Paris, and this is a good base from which to start your travels in the country, as the city itself has lots to offer. Flights into the major city airports are usually more expensive than flying into a suburban airport such as Paris Beauvais, which offers cheap flights to France with the budget airline Ryanair. You get a lower airfare due to the hour-long distance from the main city. An airfare to France can be expensive so this is a good option. If you want to avoid France flights, you can also get to the country from London via a Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel. This will take you directly into Paris' main train stations; but can be a costly option.

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Getting Around France

France has a strong and reliable rail network called the SNCF, with train stations in every area. The TGV fleet are France's high-speed trains; taking you quickly across the country to all major cities. The TER trains are their regional service; taking you on more scenic routes to smaller towns.

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Within the major cities themselves, several different modes of transport are available to take you from place to place. In Paris, the Metro is the most popular and easiest to use. It resembles the London Underground, and can take you quickly underground to many points across the city. In a city like Bordeaux, a tram service is available to take you around the city.

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Main Attractions in France

France is a richly cultured country, with lots of historical attractions to visit, such as the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. France is also famed for its art, with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci hailing from the country. The major art museums lie in Paris itself. View the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or Vincent Van Gogh's works at the Musée d'Orsay.

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Lesser-known, but just as interesting to visit is the town of Evian, where you can see and drink from the Evian mineral water spa. Disneyland Paris (which sits approximately 45 minutes from Paris city and has its own train station) is also must see attraction.

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Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

France has some of the world's finest restaurants and designer boutiques. The original Louis Vuitton store is in the city of Paris, and further out on the coast, the restaurants in Cannes offer the finest seafood. Dining in the country varies in price; but the closer you are to a major tourist attraction such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the seafront in Monaco, the higher the prices get. Rural France tends to be quiet at night; but in the major cities you can enjoy lively jazz music in cafes, or take in a show such as the famous Moulin Rouge.

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On Arrival...

  • There are 44 airports in France and the 5 biggest are
  • Cote D'Azur Airport (Nice)
  • Right now, 38 airlines operate out of Cote D'Azur Airport.
  • Cote D'Azur Airport offers nonstop flights to 28 cities.
  • Every week, at least 178 domestic flights and 86 international flights depart from Cote D'Azur Airport.
  • Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris)
  • Right now, 78 airlines operate out of Charles De Gaulle Airport.
  • Charles De Gaulle Airport offers nonstop flights to 161 cities.
  • Every week, at least 761 domestic flights and 1,888 international flights depart from Charles De Gaulle Airport.
  • Orly Field (Paris)
  • Right now, 29 airlines operate out of Orly Field.
  • Orly Field offers nonstop flights to 67 cities.
  • Every week, at least 95 domestic flights and 264 international flights depart from Orly Field.
  • Lyon Satolas Airport (Lyon)
  • Right now, 39 airlines operate out of Lyon Satolas Airport.
  • Lyon Satolas Airport offers nonstop flights to 40 cities.
  • Every week, at least 110 domestic flights and 94 international flights depart from Lyon Satolas Airport.
  • Marseille Airport (Marseille)
  • Right now, 30 airlines operate out of Marseille Airport.
  • Marseille Airport offers nonstop flights to 39 cities.
  • Every week, at least 188 domestic flights and 64 international flights depart from Marseille Airport.