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Arriving in Tanzania

Cheap flights to Tanzania are available from Heathrow Airport near London. UK citizens will require a visa to enter Tanzania. Check with the Tanzania High Commission in London for more information regarding visas. Most international flights to Tanzania will arrive at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam. City buses are available for journeys into Dar es Salaam city centre. They depart from the bus stops outside the airport terminal. Metered taxis are also available outside the terminal. However, drivers may not switch their meters on, so be prepared to negotiate and settle on the fare before getting into the vehicle.

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Getting Around Tanzania

There is a vast network of bus services connecting most of the cities and towns in Tanzania. Express buses are available on popular routes (such as between Dar es Salaam and Arusha). Seats need to be booked in advance – each company will have a booking office in or near the bus station. Well-known companies include Dar Express and Scandinavia. Ordinary buses are also available on the major routes. These are cheaper but may not always run on time.

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Dalla-dallas, or minibuses, are used for short journeys within cities and towns. Destinations and fares are usually painted on the front of the vehicle. Dalla-dallas only depart when full, and are often packed with both people and cargo. Alert the conductor by yelling ‘Shusha’ to disembark. Bajaj are three-wheeled vehicles that seat up to three passengers and are useful for quick trips around town. Private taxis are also available in major cities – passengers should settle on a fare before getting into the vehicle.

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Main Attractions

Tanzania is packed with stunning natural sights. One of the country’s biggest tourist drawcards is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Trek up its challenging slopes and attempt the summit, or discover native wildlife in the surrounding National Park. Visit the vast Serengeti National Park to see more of the country’s indigenous animals. The famed wildebeest migration is a splendid sight to behold. Explore the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and see the Olduvai Gorge, known as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’. Discover Stone Town in the beautiful Zanzibar archipelago. The bustling jumble of alleyways, mosques and bazaars provide an insight into the island’s history.

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Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

The sprawling Kariakoo Market is the largest market in the country. Almost anything is available in this vast expanse, from souvenirs such as beaded necklaces and woven baskets, to everyday goods such as kerosene lamps. In Zanzibar, the Darajani Market is a complex of narrow passageways filled with stalls selling fresh fish, fruits and vegetables and fragrant spices. Visit the popular Chef’s Pride restaurant in Dar es Salaam to enjoy local dishes as well as a selection of Indian cuisine and pizza. The Africa House Hotel in Zanzibar has a bar on the open-air terrace, which promises splendid views of the sunsets, accompanied by a variety of cocktails and beer.

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On Arrival...

  • There are 19 airports in Tanzania and the 5 biggest are
  • Seronera Airport (Serengeti National Park)
  • Right now, 5 airlines operate out of Seronera Airport.
  • Seronera Airport offers nonstop flights to 5 cities.
  • Every week, at least 123 domestic flights and 7 international flights depart from Seronera Airport.
  • Dar Es Salaam Intl Airport (Dar es Salaam)
  • Right now, 29 airlines operate out of Dar Es Salaam Intl Airport.
  • Dar Es Salaam Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 24 cities.
  • Every week, at least 423 domestic flights and 135 international flights depart from Dar Es Salaam Intl Airport.
  • Kilimanjaro Airport (Kilimanjaro National Park)
  • Right now, 22 airlines operate out of Kilimanjaro Airport.
  • Kilimanjaro Airport offers nonstop flights to 12 cities.
  • Every week, at least 146 domestic flights and 127 international flights depart from Kilimanjaro Airport.
  • Kisauni Airport (Zanzibar Island)
  • Right now, 19 airlines operate out of Kisauni Airport.
  • Kisauni Airport offers nonstop flights to 8 cities.
  • Every week, at least 435 domestic flights and 47 international flights depart from Kisauni Airport.
  • Arusha Airport (Arusha)
  • Right now, 6 airlines operate out of Arusha Airport.
  • Arusha Airport offers nonstop flights to 4 cities.
  • Every week, at least 182 domestic flights depart from Arusha Airport.