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Places to Go, Things to Do

22 May 2009  
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List of places to go or return to and what to do there

  • Category: Other
  • 1. Former Yugoslavian coast countries

    Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia- go while it's cheap and not crowded. Mountains, castles, coastline, wineries, parks, ski. Just like in the rest of Europe. Scenic drive on Croatian coastline.
    Avoid July, August when Europeans are there seeking cheap holiday.

  • 2. Verona, Italy

    Wonderful historic town, Smaller and easier to see, Intact and still used Coliseum, Juliet's balcony, opera festival in colluseum, day/side trips to Venice, Lake Garda, Padua, wine towns

  • 3. London Church Cafes and Tearooms

    Good inexpensive food in London: @>50 churches
    St. James Church
    Crypt of St. Martin - Trafalger Sq
    Southwark Cathedral ***
    All Hallows by the Tower

  • 4. Dordogne River Region France

    See Rick Steves Europe romantics

    Canoe down river stopping at several wonderful small villages. Castles and sites of 100 years war. Lascaux cave paintings. Known for truffles, foi gras..
    La Roque St. Christophe - Caves inhabited going back 50,000 years with living museum showing life in middle ages when people lived there to avoid vikings.

    Albi - Toulouse-Lautrec Museum

    fortified city of Carcassonne a center of the Cathars — a heretical group of Christians who thrived around here from the 11th through the 13th centuries until they were wiped out in the consolidation of France and Catholicism.

  • 5. Portugal

    Another great place in Europe to go where prices are low.

  • 6. Mozambique and Gorangosa Park

    Being restored after decades of civil war in which almost all animals were killed or driven off. Wonderful project by Gregg Carr foundation that includes bettering lives of locals.

    Maybe go to Madagascar on same visit?

  • 7. Alaskan Ferry system

    Alaska's ferries cover 3,500 miles of coastline, but the 150-mile voyage across the Inside Passage from Juneau to Sitka is extraordinary. The 10-hour trip takes you past humpback whales, sea otters, black bears, pristine spruce and hemlock forests, and the sprawling, blue-tinged Mendenhall Glacier. In clear weather you can see the spectacular peaks of the Coast Mountains. The ship's outdoor heated solarium lets you bask in the views while fending off cold winds; indoors, the ship's cafeteria serves local salmon and beer brewed in Alaska.
    More info: dot.state.ak.us

    Going to Sitka through Peril Straits, the ferry fits through extraordinarily narrow
    passages where no other vessel of its size ventures; the smooth, reflective water
    is lovely, and you may see deer along the shore. The Wrangell Narrows, between
    Petersburg and Wrangell, is also an incredible ride, day or night, as the ship
    accomplishes a slalom between shores that seem so close you could touch them, in
    water so shallow the schedules must be timed for high tide. Frederick Sound,
    between the Narrows and Wrangell, is prime for whale sightings. Approaching Skagway through the towering mountains of the Lynn Canal fjord also is impressive.

    From frommers

  • 8. California Surfliner Amtrak route

    San Diego to Santa Barbara. Goes right along the water in places. Article in Sunset mag May 08

  • 9. Serra Verde Express: World's Only Train to Cross the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

    Built in 1880s to hall grain and goods to port and connect cities along the Atlantic seaboard.

    Connecting Curitiba with Paranagua in the state of Paraná, the railway the train travels on is 610 kilometers long (380 miles) and goes through 13 tunnels and 30 bridges, one of them -the Ponte Sao Joao- 55 meters high, and another -the Viaduto do Carvalho- which sits on five pillars of masonry on rock slope.

    Of the five stations the train initially had, three are active today: one that leaves you at the Marumbi State Park (below), another that takes you to the historical town of Morretes, and the final stop at Paranagua, on the coast. It's a three-hour, unique trip to appreciate some of what's left of Brazil's Atlantic Forest.