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Trip List by seolram

Sardinia in 15 days for Archaeology-buffs.

14 Jul 2011  Couple of archaeologists on holiday
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Lots and lots of archaeology, history, culture, odd sights, food and drinks

  • 1. Sardinia
    Sardinia, Italy

    Day 1 arrive in Cagliari and take the bus to the centre. From there you can make your way to your hotel and discover the area. We are going to focus on the South part of Sardinia, so getting hold of a map of this area may be wise at this point.

  • 2. Cagliari
    Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    Day 2 the first day after settling in we're going to discover the city. Go to Sisa or Spar to gather some luncheon, you can easily have a nice picnic on our way

  • 3. Cittadella dei Musei
    Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    10:00h. climb up to the Citadella, admire the view, maybe have a cafe at the bar and then start visiting the museums

  • 4. Museo Archeologico Nazionale
    Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    10:30h. we start in the archaeology museum (of course), but don't stop there: the paintings, the textile and the Thai objects in the others museums are well worth a visit

    12:30 you can have a picnic on one of the benches at the citadella

  • 5. Tower of San Pancrazio
    Tower of San Pancrazio, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    13:30 Time for a walk in the castello area.You can visit the tower earlier or later on, to climb it

  • 6. Cathedral of Santa Maria
    Cathedral of Santa Maria, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    14:00 take the time to also go into the vaults, where you can see how this cathedral is made into the rocks

  • 7. Bastione di Saint Remy
    Bastione di Saint Remy, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    14:30 enjoy the view, maybe have a drink on one of the terraces, biggest lounge in Cagliari

  • 8. Orto Botanico
    Orto Botanico, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    15:00 near the villa tigellio, which you obviously also have to visit, you can see the Hortus with old Roman watersources, unique plants, really great place to have a picnic. You are now also not to far from the Amfitheater, which, in my experience isn't open too much, but you can always try... Also: The Viper cave (closed when we were there, but you can see a bit through the fence) and Tuvixeddu, the tombs. closed as well, but you can only imagine how great it is.

    Take a bus back to the busstation and walk up to Piazza Giacomo Matteotti to drink a well deserved beer after so much walking!

  • 9. Oristano
    Oristano, Province of Oristano

    Day 3 Time to take a trip out of town. Go by train, it's easy and inexpensive. Stroll around, visit the Cathedral, the Torre di S. Christofiori in the middle of town, Piazza Eleanora. Have lunch at il cappero d'oro

  • 10. Antiquarium Arborense
    Antiquarium Arborense, Oristano, Province of Oristano

    15:00 Visit this museum, visitinghours are a bit hazy, but it will explain a bit about the archaeological site Tharros

  • 11. Orroli
    Orroli, Province of Cagliari

    Day 4 09:30 pick up your rental car (most agencies are at Via Roma, a bus will take you there).

    11:00 Drive up to Balbo and from here search 'Funtana Coberta', a sacred well from pre-nuraghic times

    11:45 Just a short drive and a steep walk further you will find the Nuraghe Goni in Goni.

    12:30 drive even a bit more further past Goni and you will reach archaeological park Pranu Muttedu where you can have a nice picnic and see the different Domus de Janas caves

  • 12. Nuraghe Arrubiu
    Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli, Province of Cagliari

    15:00 make your way to Orroli, where you can visit the Arrubiu Nuraghe, if you arrive a bit earlier you can also hike up to the Domus de Janas, a steep walk from the town centre.(Search for Su Putzu or Su Motti)
    After that it's a nice drive back into town where you can enjoy dinner (if you want to eat somewhere a bit outside the centre, different and inexpensive: try the Chinese restaurant at Via S. Benedetto)

  • 13. Villanovaforru
    Villanovaforru, Province of Medio Campidano

    Day 5 Drive up to Genna Maria to see the Nuraghe and the small park. After that drive back to Villanovaforru to visit the archaeological museum over there

  • 14. Barumini
    Barumini, Province of Medio Campidano

    13:15 after the visit to the museum you can make your way to Barumini. First go to the Su nuraxi nuraghe where you can have a picnic, before visiting the site

  • 15. Su Nuraxi
    Su Nuraxi, Sardinia, Italy

    14:00 get the combination tickets at Su Nuraxi. You will get a guided tour. After this visit, go into town

  • 16. Barumini
    Su Nuraxi Barumini, Barumini, Province of Medio Campidano

    15:30 go to Palazzo Zapata with an archaeological museum and... another nuraghe underneath the palazzo! also great shop for books!

    16:45 Lilliu centre is also a must, the nuraghe- miniatures and the maritime archaeology exhibitions are great!

  • 17. Nuraghe Su Mulinu
    Nuraghe Su Mulinu, Villanovafranca, Province of Medio Campidano

    17:30 a work in progress, the excavation of this Nuraghe. Makes you feel like Indiana Jones for an hour. To take the tour you'll have to understand some Italian, but even if you don't understand a word: it's impressive.

    After this visit you can drive back to Cagliari, park at Via Roma parking and find yourself a nice restaurant there

  • 18. Santadi
    Santadi, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    Day 6 Take a drive up to Villaperuccio. Visit the marvellous area archaeologica Montessu, it's quite a hike, but the first bit you can do by car. You will see pre-nuraghic tombs, fantastic walk! (when you decide to take the long hike you probably want to have a picnic right there with the great view)

    After that you can get some wine at the vineray: Cantina Santadi. Very near you will find a big supermarket where you can buy picnic ingredients which you can take up to the following hike or eat in the garden of the supermarket.
    Follow the signs to Tombe dei Giganti, it's a strange road, but no worries, you will get there! You'll arrive at an open space where you can leave the car and then it's a steep hike but well worth it!

  • 19. Grotte di Is Zuddas
    Grotte Is Zuddas, Santadi, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    15:00 after hiking back to the car you can make your way to Grotte Is Zudas (if you're really into caves, there are 2 other caves to be visited in this area). Get your tickets at the bar, take a drink at the terrace, but be sure to go to the startingpoint early, since the way up there is a bit longer than you think!

  • 20. Santadi Civic Archaeological Museum
    Santadi Civic Archaeological Museum, Santadi, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    17:30 Now drive back to Santadi, to the archaeology museum (bit of a search). It's a small museum. One of the students is more than willing to give you a tour. They also organize hikes to former excavationsites.

    After this visit drive to Pozzo sacro Tattinu, it's a bit desolate, you will see a lot of sheep but also this impressive sacred well.

    The end of the day has arrived, time to drive back to Cagliari

  • 21. Tharros
    Tharros, Sardinia, Italy

    Day 7 9:00 It really is a beautiful drive up there, you might see some Flamingoes, in this strange environment.
    10:30 you can just walk through the old Roman town. Make sure you read up on this, otherwise you won't have a clue what you are looking at.

    12:15 have a nice swim just next to the excavation. It's nice and quiet here and you can even dive or scuba up to the archaeological underwater- site

  • 22. Cabras
    Cabras, Province of Oristano

    13:30 drive back to Cabras

  • 23. Sa Zibba
    Sa Zibba, Cabras, Province of Oristano

    13:45 have a perfect luncheon at Sa Zibba, hard to find but totally worth the effort! Make sure you eat something with 'botarga', dried fisheggs, a speciality of this region.
    If you have some time before the museum opens again: drive to Torre Grande, see the big tower, maybe even take a swim and eat some icecream from one of the beachbars.

  • 24. Archaeological Museum
    Museo Civico Giovanni Marongiu, Cabras, Province of Oristano

    16:00 Museum finally open again. It's not too big, but nice! Some explanation about Tharros but also the underwaterarchaeology that has been done nearby.

  • 25. Arborea
    Arborea, Province of Oristano

    17:30 on your way back to Cagliari visit Arborea, a town once built by Mussolini, really strange. Go to the small archaeological museum in the old wheatmill. They show a movie about the history of the town. The area was a swamp, but before that it was a roman settlement.

  • 26. Sardara
    Sardara, Province of Medio Campidano

    Day 8 Last day with the car (you can keep the car a day longer and make the trip to Sant' Antioco, it really is worth it!), but for now: 10:00 drive op to Sardara, lovely small town, small roads lead up to the church. Underneath you will find something unexpected. Un your way up there pick up some groceries for a picnic

  • 27. Sant'Anastasia
    Sant'Anastasia, Santadi, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    11:00 Buy combinationtickets. stroll over to the excavationpart and you will see a nuraghic village and a sacred well and inside the church there's a roman cistern.

  • 28. Villa Abbas
    Villa Abbas, Sardara, Province of Medio Campidano

    11:45 Just around the corner you will find the archaeological museum of Sardara in the former town hall, villa Abbas. The museum is nice and modern and tells you the story of not only Sardara but also the surrounding areas

  • 29. Sanluri
    Sanluri, Province of Medio Campidano

    12:30 back in the car and make your way to Sanluri. Here you get to see the Castello di Sanluri or Castello Eleonora. It this moment the castle is being restored, but you can see the exterior and some old, medieval weapens. Hopefully the castle will open again soon.
    Drive a bit back and have your luncheon (picnic) at Santa Maria Aquas, near de Terme di Sardara.
    From there you can attempt to visit Castello Monreale. At this moment renovations are going on, but the hike up there might be worth it. (it's a challenge by car)
    15:00 After that you can drive back to Cagliari and visit Castello S. Michele, they have some nice expositions.
    You can finish your day by driving around the area and see some nature, visit the saltlakes.
    17:30 bring back the car to the car hire.
    From there you can take the bus to citycentre, have some drinks, do some shopping.

  • 30. Saint Remy
    Da Marino al Saint Remy, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    19:30 after bringing back the car to the carhire, it's time to treat yourself to something special, have a nice fancy dinner at Saint Remy

  • 31. Nora
    Nora, Pula, Province of Cagliari

    Day 9: take the bus up to Pula, from there take the mini-bus to Nora.

    11:00 guided tour around the archaeological site

    12:15 have a drink on the terrace and maybe go for a swim (if you swim around the bay you can see archaeological remains under water again!)

  • 32. Pula
    Pula, Province of Cagliari

    13:15 take the mini- bus back to Pula and near the square you wioll find some restaurants who also serve pizza at lunch time.

  • 33. Civic Archaeological Museum Giovanni Patroni
    Civic Archaeological Museum Giovanni Patroni, Pula, Province of Cagliari

    14:30 Visit this small museum which will give you some background information on Nora. The photographs of old excavations are great!

    Maybe some shops will be open by now, or taste some white Mirto on a terrace

    17:05 The bus back to Cagliari
    17:55 at Cagliari busstation, do some more souvenir shopping and find a nice restaurant

  • 34. Carbonia
    Carbonia, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    Day 10: if you still have a car it is best to visit Carbonia by car, if not: a train goes from Cagliari to Carbonia. If it's off season, you will have trouble reaching Monte Sirai by public transportation

    You can book a guided tour over Monte Sirai via the museum (there are still excavations going on every year) but you can also download one of the thematic itenaries from the website. You can eventually have a picnic here or in the parc near the museum

  • 35. Municipal Archaeological Museum
    Municipal Archaeological Museum, Carbonia, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    15h. Visit this nice modern museum. when you have time left: the museum has several suggestions on the website for archaeological itenaries

  • 36. Museo del Carbone
    Museo del Carbone, Carbonia, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    16:30 wow, this you cannot miss! The exhibition is great, the guided tour even better! You can get a combinatio ticket for Monte Sirai, the archaeological museum, the mineral museum and this mining museum

    18:30 take the train back to Cagliari where you can seek a place rfor dinner

  • 37. Chia
    Chia, Domus de Maria

    Day 11 take the bus to Chia, where the remains of Roman Bithia are. When you're in luck you will see some archaeologists at work here. Climb up to see the tower and see both bays. Swimming is brilliant here. Have lunch at the restaurant of the camping site, the antipasti mare is fantastic!

  • 38. Quartu Sant Elena
    Quartu Sant'Elena, Province of Cagliari

    Day 12 take the bus to Quartu S. Elena. Here you can visit the etnographic Museum, the marketplace, churches, have a picnic in the park, go to the saltlakes and spot flamingo's

  • 39. Poetto
    Poetto, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    15:00 From Quartu S. Elena you can walk across the bridge, with Flamingo-birds on eather side, to Poetto where you can spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach

  • 40. Ristorante 4 Mori
    Ristorante 4 Mori, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    19:30 after your busdrive back into town you can have a nice quiet dinner at the restaurant of hotel 4 Mori, near the busstation

  • 41. Iglesias
    Iglesias, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    Day 13 Take the train to Iglesias. When you're lucky the geology museum will be open. (you can call ahead) If not: just stroll around the marketplace, do some shopping, visit the many churches, see the town wall and climb up to the former castle. Don't forget to get some icecream at Sole Mare

  • 42. Ristorante Gazebo Medioevale
    Ristorante Gazebo Medioevale, Iglesias, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

    14:00 Have some great food at this nice restaurant and after that stroll around some more, get a drink on a nice terrace.

    Go back to Cagliari a bit early to shop for souvenirs or have a nice Mirto.

  • 43. San Benedetto market
    San Benedetto market, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    Day 14 Spend your last day in Cagliari and of course don't forget to visit the grand marketplace (go downstairs for the fishdepartment)

  • 44. La Dama di Bacco
    La Dama di Bacco, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    15:00 Before Mutseu opens again have a nice wine tasting with sardinian snacks at La Dama di Bacco, When Mutseu opens again (16:00) you can see some fantastic Roman remains in the basement

  • 45. Su Milese
    Su Milese, Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    19:30 The best place to say goodbye to Sardinian food, you will get plenty and leave satisfied

  • 46. Cagliari
    Cagliari, Province of Cagliari

    Day 15, the final day. Before you go to the airport, go and see the oldest church of the island, S. Santurnino, have coffee at the new gallery in the old meatmarket, take a last stroll through the shoppingarea and visit some churches you'll pass by. You can leave your luggage at the kiosk at the busstation (no lockers at the trainstation). Have a last quick luncheon or a beer/ ice cream at Piazza Yenne.
    The bus to the airport leaves regularly so nothing to worry about!