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Condado: San Juan Neighborhood Walk

A tour through San Juan’s hottest nabe.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Puerto Rico’s most innovative chefs and designers are setting up shop in the Condado neighborhood, just east of Old Town.

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Points of Interest

Iron Chef’s Roberto Treviño seduces Condado’s smart set with fun, Latin-Asian fusion.

1056 Ashford Ave.
San Juan
Puerto Rico

(787) 725-6919

The Midcentury Modern La Concha was a favorite among architecture buffs when it debuted on San Juan’s Condado Beach in 1958. Now the 248-room property is once again ready for its close-up, after a $220 million injection from Renaissance Hotels. Rooms have been streamlined and have a muted palette of seafoam green, tan, and beige, while the bright ... More

3. Nono Maldonado

Puerto Rico’s preeminent designer sells his clean-lined, precisely cut women’s and men’s fashions at his namesake boutique on Ashford Avenue in Condado. Once a fashion editor at Esquire, Maldonado also designed the understated interiors for the Chateau Cervantes hotel.

1112 Ashford Ave., Condado
San Juan
Puerto Rico

(787) 721... More

This eye-catching restaurant at the La Concha Resort is shaped like an oversized shell perched on a reflecting pool. The innovative design, courtesy of Jorge Rossello, includes blue carpeting that resembles the water and white banquettes, chairs, and table linens. Eight Murano glass lamps provide ample lighting. Chef Dayn Smith has created a menu ... More

5. Strip House, San Juan

The steakhouse serves up T-bones in a boudoir-inspired setting.

999 Ashford Ave., Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel
San Juan
Puerto Rico

(787) 722-0150

6. Ummo Argentinean Grill

The local scene here is as hot as the wood-fired grill in the kitchen. Carnivores go for the parrillada, a savory selection of chorizo, pork tenderloin, short ribs, sweetbreads, and blood sausage (the faint of heart can opt for the fresh grilled vegetables).

    1351 Ashford Ave.
    San Juan
    Puerto Rico

    (787) 722-1700