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Gold Bar Park Loop

Enjoy the quiet trails in Gold Bar Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.808 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Gold Bar Park was created in September 24, 1973, and its main industrial tenant is the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Gold... more »

Tips:  -There is parking available if you enter from the City side, by the wastewater plant on 50th Street.
-There is an emergency phone... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Entering Gold Bar Park

This is the main trail into Gold Bar Park from the Ainsworth Dyer Pedestrian Bridge. You can also go onto the gravel trail at this point and walk along the river.

2. Man Made Lake

Here is a pleasant stop and a lookout over a man made lake. Lots of picnic areas nearby.

3. Picnic Spot

Picnic spot nestled in the trees

4. Another lookout

Another great lookout over the lake. Great spot for photos.

5. Another quiet spot

There are over 30 picnic areas in Gold Bar Park.

6. Children's play area

Kids play area

7. Sandbox for the kids

Another play area for kids

8. Large Bar-B-Que area

There are a few much larger picnic areas available as well.

9. Emergency phone location

A City of Edmonton Emergency Phone.

10. Larger man made lake

There is a second, larger man made lake in Gold Bar Park with a small island in it. A variety of birds call it home. To the right of this spot is a Pavilion with a washroom.

11. Looking back at the Pavilion

The pavilion has washroom facilities

12. Paved paths

The paved trails are in excellent repair and are heavily used by walkers, joggers and bikers.

13. Trees

Many different varieties of trees live within Gold Bar Park.