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Emily Murphy Park Two Bridge Tour

Explore the sights of downtown Edmonton with this walking tour

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.983 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Emily Murphy was a prominent suffragist and reformer. In 1917, she spearheaded the fight to have women declared "persons" in Canada... more »

Tips:  -Bring some water as this is a long walk
-Bring a camera as there some great views all along this walk
-This is a busy trail, so... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Picnic areas in the park

There are many picnic sites in this park including a large picnic shelter

2. Gravel trail

This gravel trail takes you down to the LRT bridge and beyond

3. Trail gates leaving Emily Murphy

This trail leads to the Forest Capital Trail system that was established in 1994

4. Looking downtown

One of the many viewpoints on this trail

5. The LRT Bridge

You can see the LRT Bridge off in the distance. That's where we're headed.

6. A look at the trail

Nice wide trails allows biker and joggers room to get past

7. Trail Marker

Straight ahead is Kinsmen Park and to the right and up the staircase is the University of Alberta

8. Parking Area from 109 street

A secluded parking area that people can access form the 109 street

9. Spiral Ramp

This spiral ramp takes you up to the pedestrian bridge under the LRT Bridge

10. A look at the High Level Bridge

Look way up and there is the High Level Bridge

11. The steps from downtown to Victoria Park

There are many access points into the river valley

12. The LRT Bridge

Looking back at the LRT Bridge form the north river bank.

13. Royal Glenora Club

The Royal Glenora Club opened in 1961. It is the amalgamation of three deep-rooted Edmonton Sport Clubs: the Glenora Skating and Tennis Club, the Braemar Badminton Club, and the Royal Curling Club.

Today, Club members, their families and their guests enjoy our facilities and a wide range of programs and activities offered at Royal Glenora,... More

14. Parking for Victoria Park

Here is the parking lot for Victoria park

15. Lookout Location

This memorial deck was erected in 1994 in the memory of a City of Edmonton employee, Maike Marie Dorothee Grove.

16. Looking out from the memorial bridge

A great view of the Groat Bridge form the memorial deck

17. Have to cross the street here

You have to cross the street and climb up to the bridge deck. Easy enough, but watch out for vehicles.

18. A picture from the bridge

Another great viewing spot of the river valley

19. Boat Launch in Emily Murphy

The boat launch in Emily Murphy Park

20. Wooden steps into the park

Walking back into Emily Murphy Park

21. Children's playground

Play area for the kids

22. Public Restrooms

A handy place to end up after a good walk.