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Mt. Baldy Ski Tour

Exploring the wilds of the Chiwaukum Mountains of the Central Cascades in winter
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Mt. Baldy lies in the Chiwaukum Mountains on the eastern side of the central Cascade Range. The route to this peak is a classic mid... more »

Tips:  Essential backcountry skiing gear. Make reservations early to stay at Scottish Lakes High Camp as the road in is long enough that... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Tour

Scottish Lakes High Camp. Take snowmobiles provides as part of your camp costs from Highway 2 (Coulter Creek Road parking area). If you arrive in the afternoon ski the short runs from McQue Ridge just to the south.

From the High Camp, head NW to Glacier Vista then traverse west into the woods.

2. Glacier Vista

Head northwest into Roaring Creek drainage. You will descent about 200 feet into the Roaring Creek drainage, cross the creek on snow bridges then head west toward Lake Julius.

3. Loch Julius

Skirt the north side of the frozen lake then continue northwest to a short climb to Loch Eileen.

4. Loch Eileen

Cross the outlet of Lock Eileen on the east side and head south-southwest up the shoulder of the ridge overlooking the Loch Eileen basin. Once on the ridge and in the larch forest, you can see the open slopes of Mt. Baldy to the west.

5. Mt. Baldy

Traverse up to the summit, examining the snow conditions of the various aspects of the east slope of Mt. Baldy.

From the summit, the views are spectacular on a clear day. Select one of several routes down and explore the basin east of the summit and the adjacent slopes. Be cautious of wind loading on the slopes to the south in winter

6. Descent Route

Ski down to the ridge that divides Lake Donald and Lock Eileen. When descending the shoulder of the ridge, that you do not drift east or south east into the cliff bands that are located on that aspect. Stay close to your uptrack to find you way back easily to Lock Eileen.

Continue to follow your uptrack through the forests west of Lake Julius... More