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Light House Park Perimeter and Core Trail

A quick loop guide to getting the most out of this small park.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  At the far south/west point of West Vancouver along Marine Drive is the Lighthouse Park. A small(ish) park it gives a great... more »

Tips:  Good hiking shoes for the outer loops. Expect significant elevation changes, rocky paths with many snags to catch your toes. Watch... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Salai Loop Trail Marker

Turn left to follow the outer

2. Arbutus Trail Marker

As our goal is to take the longest route without duplicating our path, we will take the Arbutus trail from here.

3. Water Lane Trail marker

4. Arbutus Trail Maker

Again veer left for the Arbutus trail. Note this section of trail has significant elevation changes.

5. Rock formations

Some interesting rock formations in this area, remember to look around once in a while.

6. View Point

Not an official view point, but a small side trail takes you to an outcropping and your first real view of the water and Vancouver. Lots of boats in this area.

7. View Point

8. View Point

9. Eagle Point Marker

Another view point with access to waters edge.

There are easier (and safer) locations to gain water's edge, but consider looking into the bay on your right for a few of the surf.

10. Eagle Point View

Great views of Vancouver from here.

11. Eagle Point View

12. Eagle Point View

13. Eagle Point View

14. Eagle Point View

15. Valley of the Giants Trail marker

16. Some interesting trees in this area.

17. Small bridge over the trail

18. Joining the Valley Trail

Again veer left to head south and down the Valley Trail.

19. Star Cove Junction

Star Cove is a nice gravel beach for those wanting safe direct access to the water.

20. Arbutus Knoll Junction

A great spot to examine the uniquely west coast Arbutus tree.

21. Light Station junction

This area can be a bit confusing as it is the terminus for so many trails. Turn left to go down to East Beach for a side view of the light station, or continue forward to get to the official light station view point

22. Light Station View Point

From the view point you get a great view of the ocean with the light station just in sight.

The perimeter of the light station is actually restricted property to prevent damage to the station itself.

23. A view of the light station

24. Shore Pine Trail

The Shore Pine Trail hugs the west side of the peninsula and will be the major way to reach most of this side of the park. If you need a shorter/easier rout take the Seven Sisters Trail which is not a steep. A junction for the Seven Sisters is about 50 m forward on the trail.

25. West Beach Trail

Another great place to gain access to the waters edge and get views of Vancouver Island on the horizon.

26. West Beach Lookout

Just past the Junction for West Beach there is a lookout that takes you out onto the rocks. Enjoy the sound of the crashing surf and some sun on in this area on most days.

27. View of the surf through the trees

The west side of the park is somewhat cooler due to the prevailing winds. You also catch views of the ocean through the trees.

28. Shore Pine Point Junction

Don't miss the views from Shore Pine point.

29. Older trail signs

30. Shore Pine Trail marker

Shore Pine Trail is one of the longer trails. Some individuals have tried to create their own trails, but it is best just to stay on the trail and continue along. This section begins to get hilly.

31. Another reminder to stay on the trail

Just keep going, it does end eventually!

32. Blow downs

Blow downs are a natural occurrence in the forest. The parks board does regular maintenance to ensure the trails are walk-able. Decay is a natural phenomenon and required for the health of the forest floor, so only the absolute minimum material is removed as you can see from this cut.

33. More Blow downs

34. Shore Pine / Juniper Loop and Seven Sisters Trails junction.

Just 10 m north of this junction sign is Juniper Loop with direct access to the parking lot. If you need to bail on the hike, this is your best/fastest way out. Turn left/North and you are free. We will turn right/south and walk down most of that hike up to extend the hike with what is literally a walk in the meadow.

35. Battered Owl Path

You can also gain access to the Beacon Lane Trail but cutting through the Battled Owl Path. We'll keep heading south along Seven Sisters Trail.

36. Lady Fern Path

Another trail that joins Seven Sisters trail. Keep heading south.

37. Song Bird Meadow

We'll head into the meadow off Salmonberry Meadow Path. Keep heading south.

38. Rock formations

Again take some time to look around along the path at the scenery.

39. Shore Pine and Seven Sister Junction

You could head down to Shore Pine again if you want access to West Beach or to do the loop a 2nd time. We'll instead head to the left onto Salmon Berry Meadow

40. Salmonberry Meadow

41. Songbird Meadow

Time for the walk in the Meadow. Off to the left of the trail you will see an opening and some benches. Head into Songbird Meadow for a rest in the sun.

Used historically to show movies for students and in the evenings, this amphitheater has not seen much use in the last decade or so.


42. Benches in the Meadow

Take a load off and enjoy a chance to rest.

43. Salmondberry Path

We will head north from here avoiding the congestion on the Beacon Lane Trail for a while. Turn left and head north again.

44. Meadow Trails Junction

We could have also left the Songbird Meadow by Meadow Tails to come to this Junction. Keep heading North

45. Major Junction Point

All trails lead back to this general area.

If you cut over across Battered Owl Path, Lady Fern Path or Meadow Trails, you'll eventually end here at this major Junction. Since we missed the Juniper Loop, well follow Beacon Lane Trail north to the parking lot and find the Juniper loop entrance and exits in the lower parking lot.

46. Valley Trail Junction

If you want to re-explore the east side of the park I'd recommend the valley trail down to the Arbutus Trail.

47. Salai Loop Trail

Where this all began....

48. Sign board

In case you wanted to see what you just walked.

49. Entrance to the Juniper Loop

If you had to bail to the parking lot from the Shore Pine Trail, this would be your exit in the LOWER parking. Just in case can't find your vehicle. We'll enter the Juniper Loop from here.

50. Junction Shore Pine / Seven Sisters / Juniper Loop and Juniper Point

We are headed due west for Juniper Point for our last view point.

South would loop us back down to areas we have already covered.

51. Weird stuff happens in the forest

What can I say...

52. Juniper Loop and Juniper Point trail junction

Keep left towards Juniper Point

53. Juniper sign post

Just to the left you'll find the Juniper Point View Point. Head out for some great views of Bowen island and the smaller isles in Howe Sound. Another great spot to watch the surf crash.

54. Juniper Point

Enjoy the views

55. Looking North

56. Follow the Juniper Loop home

Just follow the gentle trail as it takes you back to the parking lot.

Hope you enjoyed the journey.