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Montreal for Foodies

French-influenced culinary scene north of the border.

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Overview :  A European ambience mixed with modern skyscrapers and a French accent make Montreal a romantic place to rendezvous. The city’s... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Le Marche Atwater

Close to the bike paths along the Lachine Canal, Le Marche Atwater pieces together a farmers’ market atmosphere from a mix of pastry shops, chocolatiers, and flower stalls. Built in 1933 and designed by father and son Ludger and Paul Lemieux, the Art Deco-style market was a government economic-stimulus project during the Great Depression. Atwater’... More

2. Le Marche Jean-Talon

Once you have the gourmet accoutrements from the Les Touilleurs kitchenware store, cab it up to Little Italy and this enormous food market, which is the city’s culinary epicenter. Here, you can stop by the William J. Walter boucherie for—count ‘em—more than 50 kinds of sausage; at La Fromagerie Hamel you can sample from dozens of raw-milk,... More

Designed by Marius Dufresne and completed in 1914, the five-story Maisonneuve Market is located in its namesake district. Although historically a daily market, from the 1960s to 1995 there was a police office and cultural center in the Beaux-Arts building. The large plaza in front has a fountain and Canadian artist Alfred Laliberté's statue, ... More

Consisting of three combined 19th-century office towers, the hotel features boutique-style rooms that mix historic details from the buildings’ past (soaring columns, exposed bricks, arched windows) with sleek, contemporary interiors. The rooftop bar, Aix la Terrasse, is one of the city’s hottest nightspots. But Le Place d’Armes is more about... More