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William and Kate's Guide to London

Follow in the royal couple’s footsteps around London Town.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding in 1981 was as much of a landmark event as the Moon Landing—everyone remembers where they were... more »

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Points of Interest

Prince William dresses in typical understated but expensive upper-class style, buying suits and shirts from Turnbull & Asser.

71–72 Jermyn St.

by Yvonne Yorke

2. Jigsaw

Kate, too, has a less-is-more aesthetic, shopping for blazers, riding boots, and discreet jewelry at affordable-chic chains such as Jigsaw, where she briefly worked as a buyer.

The Chapel–Duke of York Square

by Yvonne Yorke

It wasn’t celebrity crimper Ward himself who was responsible for making over Kate’s hairstyle five years ago into the chic, effortless, and princess-worthy style she now enjoys—it was his top lieutenant, stylist James Price. Book a $168 session with Price’s scissors, and maybe he’ll start texting dirty jokes to you, as he apparently does to... More

4. Brunello Cucinelli

Fashion photog Mario Testino whipped off his Brunello Cucinelli sweater so William could wear it for the engagement photo, and almost certainly the prince asked to keep it as a souvenir of the special day—after all, every one of the luxe Italian label’s sumptuous two-ply cashmere pieces is handmade in a small town near Perugia.

3-5 Burlington ... More

The blue silk-jersey wrap dress by Issa that she wore at the couple’s engagement announcement was bought off the rack at Fenwick department store.

63 New Bond St.

by Yvonne Yorke

A rare touch of flash: Kate’s 18-carat sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring, originally Diana’s, which came from Garrard. Diana reportedly chose it because it was the largest on the tray.

24 Albemarle St.

by Yvonne Yorke

7. Polistas

Canadian financier and polo pro Johnny Lynn launched his menswear line, aiming to out-Lauren Ralph—its name Argentine slang for “polo players.” Lynn’s credibility meant that soon equestrians, from the Queen’s Life Guards to heartthrob Nacho Figueras, were wearing his three-pony logo—as well as William, Harry, and father Prince Charles.

19... More

8. Whisky Mist

Another upper-crust hangout is Whisky Mist at the Hilton Park Lane, where in 2008 Paris Hilton reportedly made an unsuccessful advance toward William.

35 Hertford St.

by Yvonne Yorke

Strong rumors leading up to the wedding suggested that the Middleton family would commandeer the entire 71-room, five-star hotel for the week of the wedding, and that Kate would spend her last night unmarried in one of its suites. Minutes’ walk from Buckingham Palace, the century-old pile has long been royally favored: it’s where King George VI ... More

Two years ago, Kate was chairwoman of a $160-a-head fundraiser here for Starlight, the Make-A-Wish–like kids’ charity set up by actress Emma Samms. The entire Middleton clan attended, ambling through the collection of edgy contemporary art (Damien Hirst is a favorite) racked up by British advertising guru Charles Saatchi.

King’s Rd.
44-20... More

11. Reiss

Reiss is another affordable-chic chain that Kate likes.

114 Kings Rd.

by Yvonne Yorke

Soon after the engagement, Kate was spotted attending a carol service here in honor of William and Harry’s late friend Henry van Straubenzee. It’s one of the anchor churches on the Fulham Road, and popular with the Sloaney A-list: come for a Sunday service, and you might spot Kate & Co. in the front pews.

Sydney Street at Cale St.
44-20... More

13. Boujis

Nowhere is more synonymous with good-lifing for Will and Kate than Boujis, the South Ken club/lounge whose signature cocktail is a Crack Baby (raspberry liqueur, champagne, vodka). In honor of the wedding, the club has created Faboujis Crown eggs—essentially a pitcher of cocktails for 10 served in a glittering egg topped with a crown ($560 with... More

14. Austique

Both Middleton sisters, Pippa and Kate, are regulars at this funky clothing store, run by Australian siblings Katie and Lindy Lopes, who fled TV careers in Sydney to open their dream shop in London. The selection is heavy on pretty and girly down under brands, from Karen Walker separates to Love Kylie underwear.

330 King’s Rd.
44-20-7376... More

15. Katherine Hooker

Forty-something fashionista Hooker produces preppy outerwear with a twist—think Gossip Girl–ready plaid or tweed. Her flirty coats are proudly made in London and popular with double-barreled girls: Kate wore one of Hooker’s herringbone coats for her first public engagement, naming an RNLI lifeboat in Anglesey, Wales.

19 Ashburnham Rd.
44-20-... More

16. Ship

Sunday nights you might find Will drinking a house ale or Prince Harry dancing on a table at the Ship, a gastropub on the Thames.

41 Jews Row

by Yvonne Yorke

Choose from the menu in the dimly lit bar, then walk to a table in the pitch-black dining room, led by one of the servers here—all of whom are blind or partially sighted. No wonder Kate and William came here for a romantic dinner à deux—this is one of the few places in the world they could eat undisturbed.

30-31 Clerkenwell Green
44-20-7253... More

Deliberately downscale amid the tony spots of Mayfair, this bistro-diner will be eerily familiar to New Yorkers, since its design and menu make it a near-clone of Keith McNally’s boho hangout, Schiller’s Liquor Bar. Keep an eye on the wooden booths that line one wall of the slender space, where Kate and William are regularly spotted enjoying... More

They’ve also tried more offbeat places, including Archipelago (dinner for two $105), which specializes in exotic fare such as kangaroo (Will’s favorite) and chocolate-covered scorpions.

110 Whitfield St.

by Yvonne Yorke

Although Prince Charles took his sons to Christmas parties at the Ritz London (doubles from $560), Will and Kate like casual restaurants such as Tom’s Kitchen (dinner for two $121), in Chelsea. (That said, Will prefers the private dining room to the communal tables.)

27 Cale St.

by Yvonne Yorke

Tiki-themed Mahik is a longtime royal favorite; it’s where both Will and Kate showed up—separately—during their brief 2007 hiatus.

1 Dover St.

by Yvonne Yorke