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Kilkenny to Bennetsbridge, Ireland

One of three sections of the Nore Valley Walk,following the River Nore and featuring members of the Food and Craft Trail

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The Nore Valley Walk is the flagship project of Trail Kilkenny. The walk will stretch from Kilkenny city to Inistioge and follow the... more »

Tips:  Picnic: buy a picnic in Kilkenny to eat on the trail. The mills or Primms wood are beautiful places to stop and eat.

Stiles / Bridges... more »

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Points of Interest

The first stop on the "Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail" is Foodworks. Presented by Peter Greany and Maeve Moore, Foodworks is an inviting cafe-style bistro located on Gas House Lane. Their emphasis is to provide freshness and value for money. In 2006, Foodworks was established through the opening of a food production kitchen and smokery on a family... More

Campagne is Garrett Byrne and Brid Hannon’s critically acclaimed award-winning restaurant, serving the best of local and Irish produce in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Their food philosophy ensures the involvement of local food producers in their cooking and creating a memorable dining experience.

Winner of numerous awards including Food and... More

3. Langtons (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

Langtons is a family owned and run hotel. Established in 1938 by Ned & Bridget Langton as a bar offering food, beverages and bedrooms. Expanding over the years, Langtons still trades on the original service, character & charm. Langtons is renowned for its impeccable service, genuine hospitality and has gained an enviable reputation as a... More

4. Kilkenny Farmers Market (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

Open every Thursday on the parade, the Kilkenny Farmers Market is a fantastic source of local, quality food. Products range from organic meat and vegetables, fresh fish, farmhouse cheese, breads cakes and hand-made chocolates.

Where: The Parade, Kilkenny.
Open: Thursday morning 9:30am-2:30pm

Ristorante Rinuccini is a family run restaurant in the heart of Kilkenny City. We are committed at all times, to delivering fresh local and Irish produce whenever possible. The quality of our
produce is of utmost importance to us and our customers, and has been one of the key factors in our success over the past 21 years.

“Being from Lazio, Italy... More

6. Kilkenny Design (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

Overlooking the cobbled courtyard of historic Kilkenny Castle, the restaurant is a relaxing and inspiring space to indulge in the delicious freshly made hot and cold menu. Once you've sampled the renowned speciality chicken and broccoli crumble, made with award-winning Lavistown cheese, you are defied not to try one of the selection of fantastic... More

Celebrating ten years in business, Zuni has gained a reputation for being one of Kilkenny's best food outlets. There are three strands to our business:

(1) Zuni Cafe, for casual dining, opens from 8am daily, offering breakfast, pastries, soups, jams, risottos and great coffee.

(2) Zuni Restaurant, for the more formal affair, is open for lunch &... More

8. Cafe Sol (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

Café Sol is an intimate bistro restaurant in the centre of Kilkenny. The ethos of the restaurant, like that of its sister restaurant Sol Bistro in Thomastown, is to provide good honest local food, freshly cooked and tastefully presented at value for money prices.

Where: William Street, Kilkenny
Open: Mon – Thur (11.30am – 9.30pm), Fri – Sat ... More

9. Marble City Cafe and Tea Rooms (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

The Marble City Bar is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Visitors will experience and savour an atmosphere made tangible by the aroma of international coffees, freshly baked breads and extensive menus boasting the very best in fresh local Irish produce and service.

The Marble City Tea Rooms is an ideal meeting spot. With both indoor and... More

10. Blueberry Larder (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

According to the Bridgestone Guide, "if you have little time for your kitchen, the Blueberry is your home from home. Conventional dishes – Irish stew, shepherds pie, beef stroganoff, salmon fish cakes, but Will and Kerry’s experience means that nothing tastes clichéd, the cooking is precise and invigorating."

Will & Kerry Fitzgerald’s... More

11. Country Market Ltd (Kilkenny City) (Taste of Kilkenny Food Trail)

Selling a variety of breads, cakes, preserves and honey, plus seasonal vegetables, flowers, plants and some craft items, Country Markets Ltd began in Ireland over 60 years ago, and the Kilkenny City branch has been trading in Kilkenny for 53 years.

Where: Market Yard, Kilkenny City.
Open: Friday 9.30am – 1pm & Saturday 9.30am – 12pm
Phone: ... More

12. Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail: Castle Arch Pottery

The first stop on the "Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail" is Castle Arch Pottery. Ray Power set up Castle Arch in the autumn of 1993 in Kilkenny’s famous Castle Yard. Taking inspiration from Celtic patterns such as Newgrange spirals and traditional motifs, Castle Arch Pottery makes bold, honest pieces that stand out and enhance any domestic setting -... More

13. Millinery by Rebekah Patterson (Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail)

Milliner Rebekah Patterson designs and makes bespoke hats and head pieces which vary from classic to vintage and one-off arrangements for that all-important event. Handmade silk flowers adorn the more occasional pieces, and materials are dyed, colour matching perfectly to team up with
your garments and other accessories.

Where: No 1 The Market... More

14. Rudolf Heltzel Goldsmith (Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail)

In 1966 Rudolf Heltzel set up and led the trail-blazing gold and silver studio-workshops at the government-sponsored Kilkenny Design Workshops. Since 1968 he has been creating magnificent jewelry in gold, platinum, and silver. He is internationally recognized for his outstanding designs and the quality of his craftsmanship.

Where: 10 Patrick... More

15. Nicholas Mosse - Irish Country Shop (Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail)

Nicholas Mosse opened his pottery shop in 1976, which is now famous for high-quality, brightly-designed gift and tableware. His Bennettsbridge shop is fun and welcoming: it boasts a café area, a large ‘seconds’ bargain area, textile collection, other Irish crafts and gifts, plus full customer service. He also sells online.

Where: Bennettsbridge, ... More

16. Moth to a Flame (Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail)

Since 1999, Moth to a Flame have been making a range of distinctive hand-made candles beside the river in Bennettsbridge. Silkmoth scented, Glow-globe, Rock candles and more can be seen in production and in the studio shop. Visitors always welcome.

Where: Kilkenny Road, Bennetsbridge, Co. Kilkenny
Phone: 056 7727826
email: mothtoaflamecandles... More

17. Phillipe Hetier (Made in Kilkenny Craft Trail)

Philippe Hetier first came to Ireland to work with Keith Mosse in 2003, and in 2008 he took over the workshop. Philippe specializes in handcrafted furniture using traditional methods and techniques. All furniture is designed with clients to facilitate their requirements. Philippe’s areas of specialty include tables, chairs, living/dining &... More

18. Junction with Trail and Sion Road

At this point the walk joins the Sion road for 1.5km. Turn right and following the markers directing you to Bennetsbridge.

19. Black Marble Quarries and Saw Mills

The most famous limestone quarries in Co. Kilkenny are in Maddockstown on the left bank of the
River Nore and are known as the ‘Black Marble Quarries’. Although not true marble, the limestone in this area is particularly dense and black, having many fossiliferous inclusions as can be seen in the street kerbing used along High Street in Kilkenny... More

20. The Rocks and Sir Edward Oliver Wheeler

The Rocks in Maddockstown, close to the Marble Mills, was the ancestral home of Brigadier Sir
Edward Oliver Wheeler (1890–1962), who was who was involved in a number of mountaineering
expeditions on Mount Everest. His father Arthur Oliver Wheeler, who was born in Maddockstown,
moved to Canada with his parents in 1876 at the age of 16 for economic ... More

21. Leaving Sion Road and back to the river bank

Using the stile enter the field and follow the marker posts back to the river bank.

22. Video interview with Eoin Hogan from Trail Kilkenny

Video interview with Eoin Hogan the Rural Recreation Officer for Kilkenny and the manager of the Trail Kilkenny projects.