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Paris Affordable Dining Guide

Follow this frugal-foodie itinerary in the City of Lights.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Ditch foie gras and postprandial Armagnac: Here is your guide to real food, satisfying food, inventive food that packs savvy Parisians... more »

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Points of Interest

Here, striped Basque runners on tables and a wine list scrawled on distressed mirrors set the mood for chef Julien Duboué’s playful exuberance: a cheeky boudin noir “napoleon” richly layered with apples; a whole magret (duck breast) baked on a bed of grape leaves atop a clay roof shingle. Those without reservations can drop in for some equally... More

The trendy Upper Marais district in Paris is no stranger to strollers and hipsters, but it also houses some of the best and most inexpensive crepes in the world at Breizh Café. The ambiance is warm and lively, with a distinct Japanese flavor in the form of pale wood and low-lighting. The backbone of the eclectic menu is the quality of ingredients:... More

Parisian foodies are mad for the $47 blackboard menu at Itinéraires. After the smashing success of their original restaurant in the 11th, Sylvain and Sarah Sendra recently upgraded to these grown-up premises in the Latin Quarter. In a softly lit room brightened with palm trees and flowers, chic couples of all ages fall in love all over again—with ... More

Whether you’re stopping in to buy foie gras from the grocery or settling in for a leisurely brunch or lunch overlooking the idyllic Canal Saint Martin, La Cantine de Quentin is a worthy destination. The wood-paneled facade and smattering of covered bistro tables out front connote classic Parisian sidewalk cafe, while the interior walls are lined... More

5. L’Agassin

Everything about this sleek room in shades of café au lait suggests a serious restaurant, but the set-meal prices say bistro. Formerly of La Tour d’Argent, Breton chef André Le Letty shows how saucing can dazzle with his garlicky escargots scattered on a backdrop of emerald parsley purée, and a meaty fillet of cod in a lake of light, modern beurre... More

6. L’As Du Fallafel

The aptly named L’As Du Fallafel ("the Ace of Falafel") is situated in the heart of the historically Jewish Marais neighborhood of Paris, a cobblestone landscape freckled by a dizzying number of falafel stands and kosher butchers. Among these, L’As is something of a legend owing almost entirely to its one-of-a-kind falafel sandwich, which includes... More

The homey Franco-Tunisian lunches served at this elegant North African food-and-crafts shop will leave you with enough cash for a pair of colorful handblown glass votives or a set of handmade stemware. For aesthetes, Le Comptoir de Tunisie will offer a total immersion of the senses between the delectable cuisine, upscale country house ambiance,... More

8. L’Entredgeu

L’Entredgeu is place few American visitors have know about, but the Parisian bistro is frequented and adored by locals. The name comes from noted chef-owner, Phillipe Tredgeu, who manages the cooking, and his wife, who expertly runs the front of the house. The tiny, unpretentious restaurant in the Batignolles-Monceau area is typically crammed, and... More