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Leutaschklamm Gorge

Hike Mittenwald to Scharnitz, Including Leutaschklamm Gorge, a Walk along Isar River and Porta Claudia Fortress Visit
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Mittenwald town is located about 16 kilometers to the south east of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, in the valley of Isar river on... more »

Tips:  Alternatives. If you want to visit the Leutaschklamm gorge only, drop POI 4 and 5 and return from POI 3 directly to Mittenwald (round ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Mittenwald

Start your hike at Mittenwald railway station Trailhead.

The next POI is about 2.0 km (or 34 minutes) distant. Walk through Mittenwald in direction of Leutasch till you come to the Leutaschklamm gorge entrance. While walking, admire the beauty of this German town.

2. Leutaschklamm Start

You have arrived at the official entrance of the Leutaschklamm gorge. Stop on the bridge for a while. Here the highlight of your trip starts. Study the local table showing alternative routes through the gorge. Admire the gorge as seen from outside.

The next POI is about 640 m (or 24 minutes) distant. Cross the bridge and continue hiking uphill... More

3. Turnoff Scharnitz

Note this point carefully. You will return here after completing the Leutaschklamm gorge loop. For now, follow the direction toward the metal walkway (Leutaschklamm).

The next POI is about 2.9 km (or 1:23 hour) distant. Follow the boards with inscription 'Geisterklammweg'. Admire the beauty of the gorge and the technical acumen of engineers who... More

4. Leutaschklamm End

Get ready for leaving the metal walkway and taking a forest trail.

Continue hiking till you come to POI 3 (Turnoff Scharnitz) again which is about 1.6 km (or 24 minutes) distant. Pay attention to the tables containing additional information on the Leutaschklamm path.

The next POI is about 4.1 km (or 1:12 hour) distant. Continue walking in... More

5. Porta Claudia

Admire the ruins of the fortress ‘Porta Claudia’ which have got bleached and partially disintegrated walls. Moreover, admire a nice view of Scharnitz village lying below.

The end of the trip is about 940 m (or 25 minutes) distant. Continue walking till you come to the center of Scharnitz village.

6. Scharnitz

Scharnitz is an Austrian village that lies on the border with Germany. You have arrived to your final destination. Admire the beauty of the village and Isar river.

7. Car Park

This is not a real car park as the name would suggest. In fact, this is just an unofficial place nearby Leutaschklamm where you can leave your car.