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El Raval's Cultural Highlights and Hidden Gems

A walk through the historic streets of Barcelona's 'fifth quarter'
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3.7 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  The barrio of El Raval unfolds south from Carrer Sant Pau toward the port district of Drassanes. Currently Barcelona's hippest urban... more »

Tips:  Barcelona is generally a safe city but unfortunately suffers from pickpockets—watch your bags.

Take sunscreen in the summer months... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Plaça Sant Vicenç Martorell

One of the joys of Barcelona is its little squares hidden amid the alleys and buildings of the city's older districts. They are often lined with bars and restaurants and each one offers something distinct in atmosphere, architecture or clientele. They are the perfect place to sit back and get a sense of those distinct qualities each neighborhood... More

2. The MACBA

The fashionable statues of the Raval district are strongly linked to the opening of the MACBA, the museum for contemporary art designed by Richard Meier in 1995. This cultural landmark ignited the regeneration of this inner-city zone, bringing in art and design where before there was only crime and grime.
Pl. dels Angels, 1.
... More

3. Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu

The Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu is a tree-filled refuge of tranquility in the middle of the Raval district. The Gothic hospital complex (1401) is today home to educational and cultural organizations, including Catalonia's national library, an art school and an exhibition space. Barcelona's celebrated architect Antonio Gaud died in the hospital... More

4. Carrer del Doctor Dou

Nearby Carrer del Doctor Dou, which is peppered with interesting commercial art galleries, gives a good flavor of the new fashionable ethos of this neighborhood. Ras has a slick design interior and combines a bookshop, gallery and experimental exhibition space.
Carrer del Doctor Dou 10
Tuesday-Saturday noon-8pm

5. Rambla del Raval

The development of Rambla da Raval marks the change of the district from marginalized to modern while still retaining its strong cultural diversity. The Rambla is a short promenade similar in form to the Ramblas, lined with palm trees and surrounded by terrace bars. It is a pleasant place to sit on a bench alongside the local population and watch ... More

The church or monastery of Sant Pau del Camp, which literally translates as St. Paul of the countryside, is the oldest church in Barcelona. The name Raval comes from the meaning of outside the city walls and in medieval times the area was mostly fields with monasteries, hospitals, hospices and universities built upon them.
Address: Sant Pau... More

Great architecture makes great cities and Antoni Gaudi was certainly instrumental in the development of modern-day Barcelona's enviable reputation. This palace, perhaps Gaudi's most celebrated masterpiece, was the residence of his patron, Eusebi Gell.

Constructed between 1886 and 1889, this mansion for the Catalan industrial tycoon contains... More

A visit to Barcelona would not be complete without visiting one of the city's modernista (Catalunya's Art Nouveau movement) bars.

London Bar is an atmospheric bolt hole once popular with the likes of Picasso, Hemingway and Mir. Sip cocktails and enjoy live music spanning jazz and folk genres while you mix with the lively international crowd.
... More