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A Walk Through Rome by Night

A walk through the ancient city of Rome by night. Enjoy the illuminated scenes and Rome's most famous monuments.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  I want to share this walk because I'm deeply in love with the city of Rome. It's as beautiful at night as it is during daylight. Some ... more »

Tips:  One tip: do not make this walk when your feet are already hurting from other walks you did during the day.
another tip: You should... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Piazza San Pietro

This is the first piazza you will encounter on the route. It's also the largest. You almost have a 360° view of the colonnade which is also illuminated at night as are the 2 fountains. Take your time to absorb the greatness and quietness of this gigantic square before moving on.

Don't forget to look back when you are leaving Saint-Peter's square! The via dei conciliazione is on of the most impressive in Rome.
When you get to the Castel Sant'Angelo you will still be able to see the illuminated green dome of the basilic.

Did you know that the statues on the bridge are 10 marble statues of Angels each holding instruments of the Passion?
Even at night the bridge can be crowded sometimes, but it's worth it. Take a look on your left and you'll see the dome of Saint-Peter's basilic. In front of you is the Castel Sant'Angelo which is in my opinion an architectural... More

4. View on the Tribuna

From the Ponte Sant'Angelo you can go straight to the Piazza Navona, but you can also walk along the river Tiber and enjoy the view of the Tribuna, Rome's modern Hall of Justice.

You just have to stop here and take time to enjoy the ambiance of the square. It can be crowded sometimes, but it's still the most beautiful square of Rome. The 3 fountains are illuminated as well as the church of Sant'Agnese.
The square is animated, even at night. There are musicians, pantomimists, etc.,...

Another square you really can't miss during the walk: the piazza della rotonda, also known as the piazza del Pantheon. You will see that the pantheon is illuminated on the outside, as well as inside. The Dome is very impressive!

At night, the trevi fountain is at least as beautiful as in daylight. It's also as crowded as during the day... It's the heart of the city at night. I think this takes away the magic of the fountain, but nevertheless it's a great place to visit at night! (Be careful for pickpockets though)

8. Piazza Venzia

The monument of Vittorio Emmanuele II is entirely illuminated at night. Despite of the fact that it looks like a white typing machine, it's a huge building.
This square is so impressive that you will stop here even if I told you not to :)

Go to the campidoglio if you have time, you won't regret it. Besides, on the way back you have a view over the forum Romanum with it's illuminated ruins.

10. Fori di Triano

At the piazza Venezia at the beginning of the via dei fori imperiali, you will see the Colosseum at the end. It's so attracting that you will forget to look left for the fori di Traiano. The Colosseum is your final goal, so take your time to enjoy this road and the fori.

11. Colosseum

No words needed. Take your time to absorb the immensity of this monument. In contrast with this place during daylight, it can be very quiet here at night. I think it's because most people are impressed by this immense historical building. (The Colosseum is not just a ruin!)
Another possibility is the fact that people are tired of the walk to get ... More

If you still have time, take a quick look at the forum at the end of the Via Sacra.