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Shopping and Food Market Tour

The main food, flea and shopping markets in the heart of Florence
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Florence has a variety of markets for buying food, clothes, leather goods, handmade goods, antiques and more. But you need to know... more »

Tips:  This itinerary is best done from Monday to Saturday (before 2pm for the Central Market).

On certain Sundays of the month the special ... more »

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Points of Interest

The San Lorenzo market is undoubtedly the biggest market in Florence with the largest variety of goods. Here you can find souvenirs, leather goods, clothes, bags, shoes, scarves and more. The market is as markets go--a cheap and cheerful place for shopping, although definitely not the best quality items (and not always a bargain), but popular with... More

On Via Ariento is also the Central Market--an indoor market held in a Liberty-style building built in the late 19th century. It has been Florence's main fruit, vegetable and food market since then. Today you can still find an array of the city's butchers, delicatessens and bakeries, as well as some of Florence's best-loved snack spots. Nerbone,... More

The Porcellino Market is named after the bronze statue of a wild boar at the southern end of the loggia (rub his nose for good luck).

It is also known as the Mercato Nuovo, the new market, although the Renaissance loggia that hosts the market is 500 years old. This space always has held a market of some sort and in the 19th century was actually... More

Heading to the eastern side of the city, and to an entirely different type of market, Piazza dei Ciompi houses the city's daily flea market.

This is the ultimate place for the curious collector. Here you can find not only antique or second-hand furniture but also books, photographs, kitchen items, old postcards and even clothes that all make... More

Sant'Ambrogio market is the locals' choice since it is in an area that is easier for residents to reach than the Central Market.

Smaller than the Central Market, the Sant'Ambrogio market has high-quality food products with the butchers, delicatessens, fish mongers, bakeries, etc., indoors and the fruit and vegetable vendors circling the outside.... More

Piazza Santo Spirito is the heart of Florence's Oltrarno District and is just steps away from the Ponte Vecchio. Known for its alternative feel and artisan residents, the piazza hosts the city's popular daylong monthly markets each second and third Sunday of the month.

There is also a local market every morning from Monday to Saturday where you... More