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Kep Track

An epic journey that follows the Golden pipeline from Mundaring Weir 75km to Northam on a well graded, wide trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 49.026 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a long diatance multi trail that follows the Kalgoorlie pipeline from Mundaring Weir to Northam, 75km further east.

The track... more »

Tips:  - Take the scenic Avonlink or Prospector train along the Avon valley to Northam and cycle back
- Stop regularly at the many towns that... more »

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Points of Interest

Start/end of the Kep Track, great views, pub and the Number 1 Pump Station Museum where you can learn more about the brilliant engineer behind the project, C.Y. O’Connor, who endured much public criticism and tragically took his own life.

2. Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring

Enjoy the sculptures, picnic on the lawns or pop into adjacent Mundaring where there are plenty of shops and cafes

3. Sawyers Valley

Art deco hotel, servo and a couple of shope/cafes

4. Mount Helena

The railyard precinct in the centre of Mt Helena has been converted into a pleasant park and you can take some time out here. The tavern is on one side and on the other is a general store which is open on a Sunday.

5. Chidlow

A monument in the shape of a well, commemorating the town’s beginnings, can be seen across the road from the Kep Track on the site of the old school. The other type of watering-hole is represented in the town. Pop inside Chidlow Tavern to see photographs relating to the goldfields pipeline.

6. Wooroloo

Small town on the trail

7. Clackline

Just east of Clackline, at the Spencers Brook Road corner, is a pleasant picnic spot with toilets and an unusual monument. A stone lion lies on top of the monument erected in celebration of the centenary of British colonization.

8. Northam

Northam is the start/end of the Kep Track and has a range of shops, cafes and accommodation options