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Spur to Hunter Wineries from the Great North Walk

Walk from Millfield up to Mount Bright and down into the Pokolbin area to enjoy the fruits of the vine
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  MILLFIELD TO POKOLBIN 13.1 km (moderate)
This is the second half of Hunter Wineries spur from Ellalong to Pokolbin - not officially ... more »

Tips:  Hot-Air Ballooning: offers a different airborne view of the Watagan Mountains: Balloon Aloft (+61 2 4991 1955) or Hunter Valley... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Millfield: Town of Bridges

The track that is the spur to Pokolbin is about 150m east from the intersection of the Paxton and Wollombi roads. The vegetation can sometimes overgrow the Great North Walk sign so look carefully and ensure you are setting off on the correct path.

2. Route to Pokolbin

There are not very many signposts on this part of the spur to the Hunter Valley wineries. Keep a sharp lookout.

3. Grass Trees

The grass tree (Xanthorrhoea) is a uniquely Australian plant. its tough, does well in droughts and even survives the intense bushfires which epitomises this part of the Great North Walk landscape. Bushfires will burn the foliage and blacken the stump, but then it regrows. In fact often a bushfire will encourage flower development. And these... More

4. Mount Bright Lookout

At the Mount Bright Lookout sweeping vistas of Pokolbin and surrounding towns can be viewed and enjoyed. This is a beautiful place, once clearly maintained but now sadly neglected. There are remnants of picnic tables nearby but you will need to carry your own lunch to benefit from the great view and the peaceful surroundings.

5. A GNW Register Near Here

We got a bit lost around the stile and fences here -- the track goes (oddly) across a fallen tree and straight across (unsigned from the south) the field. Go luck in hunting for this secret Great North Walk hikers' register.

6. Fields En Route Hide Restaurants and Other Goodies

The Hunter Valley’s spectacular backdrop plays host to more than 110 wineries and cellar doors offering tastings as stunning as the setting. You can savour both the craftsmanship of some of Australia’s biggest names in winemaking or uncover a cherished prize in a boutique cellar door that greets you at the end of a gently winding country lane.

7. Vineyard Information

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s most historic family winemaking region – many such as Drayton, Sobels, Tulloch and Tyrrell’s are fifth generation vignerons who have all stamped Hunter Valley wines with their unique winemaking style. These iconic families are now joined by an emerging breed of young winemakers keen to demonstrate innovation in... More

8. Roses Mark Wine Colour

Here's a question to ask to prove you are still sober when you go tasting in the Hunter after your hike. "Why do you plant roses at the end of vine rows?"
Answers we've found include:
1. rose colour indicates wine grape colour
2. Roses act as an early warning for diseases attacking the vines. and Grapevines can suffer some the same fungi including... More

9. Vines With Grapes

With fabulous wines, spectacular location, an abundance of fresh produce and local gourmet products has attracted some of Australia’s most talented and award-winning chefs, advocating a seasonal approach to their menus and cuisine. Sharing the same passion for the Hunter Valley as our winemakers, local food producers have created an array of... More

10. Hunter Valley Tourist Information Board

Hunter Valley Wine Country: Visitors’ Centre, 455 Wine Country Drive, Pokolbin;
Bicycle hire from Hunter Valley Cycling, Hunter Valley Gardens, Broke Road, Pokolbin, NSW 2325 (+61 2 4998 6633) both about 20 km due north of the Great North Walk at Congewai.

11. Wine and Hot Air Ballooning

Beside the Hunter Valley Information Centre (& this impressive barrel) is the local airport. From here you can try Hot-Air Ballooning. This offers a different airborne view of the Watagan Mountains: Balloon Aloft (+61 2 4991 1955) or Hunter Valley Hot-Air Ballooning (+61 2 4991 3566). Both are about 20 km from the Great North Walk and... More