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Prague's must see sights in one day III

Across Charles Bridge along the bank of the Vltava river pass National Theater and back to Wenceslas Square
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is the last part from my series of travel guides ‘Prague's must see sights’. This guide picks up where the second part ended.

... more »

Tips:  Prague is beautiful in any season. Obvious choice to visit being the summer months (Jun - Sep). Winter (Dec – Mar) is a great choice... more »

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Points of Interest

Charles Bridge is the icon of the city. It’s a beautiful stone structure from the 14th century. Highly recommended is an early morning visit to the bridge. Just before sunrise, the predawn light gives this place a very eerie feel, and it’s also a great way to beat the crowds!

Being conveniently located in the middle of the city, Charles Bridge is... More

2. Brunsvik statue

Walking over the Charles Bridge, look for this interesting statue. Bruncvik is hidden from other statues lined up on the bridge. Bruncvik is a version of Homers' Odysseus and his loyal lion made it to all the way to Czech's coat of arms!

3. Touch it!

Why is everybody touching this little plaque depicting a man being thrown off the bridge? That unfortunate man was Jan Nepomuk - a priest in King Wenceslas IV‘s court. Legend is, he refused to tell the king about the queen's confession... true story is far less poetic.

It is believed that touching the plaque brings good luck and ensures your... More

4. King Charles the 4th on his break.

Walk all the way across the Charles Bridge and through the Bridge Tower on the Old Town side. To the left is a statue of Czech's most important king and Emperor - Charles IV. Valiant statue, isn’t it? Something even many locals wouldn’t know of is a "hidden message" behind the noble depiction of this statue; view the figure from the corner of... More

5. Novotneho Lavka

Novotneho Lavka is a waterfront walk with beautiful views of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Vltava River. Stop by the statue of Bedrich Smetana for a sip at the outdoor café and soak in the scenery.

6. THE picture of Prague

The bank of the Vltava River is a very picturesque here, images from which one would find in mostly all travel guides to Prague.

Don't forget to bring your camera along.

The National Theater is one of the most significant cultural places in the whole of the Czech Republic. Artistic tradition and history are reflected on its walls. Build close to the end of the 19th century, sometimes also referred to as the Golden Chapel: the interior and also the exterior of this building are adorned in gold.

Don’t miss out on ... More

8. Rent a Row Boat

Looking for something romantic? Looking for a little fun, trying to cool down in the summer heat? Wait no more - rent a rowboat!

Amazing views, peace and relaxation, as long ase you are not nominated to be the rower.

9. Narodni Trida (National Avenue)

National Avenue leads back towards the city’s downtown. The very modern looking building right next to the National Theater is Laterna Magika - a recent addition to National Theatre complex, build in the 80s.

On the corner of Narodni and Mikulandska Street is a little covered passage with a monument to the Velvet Revolution. The fall of the... More

10. Bethlehem Square

Bethlehem Chapel is one of the most important churches in Prague. The Hussite Movement, influenced by teachings of Jan Hus (remember his statue in the middle of the Old Town Square?), rattled through Europe in the 5th century. Hus preached from this church in the early 15th century.

11. Little Square

Literally this is a little square adjacent to the Old Town square. See the attractive facade of the ‘U Rotta’ house here.

This 12th century jewel not only has stunning interiors, but also beautiful rooftop terrace restaurant/cafe with a great view.

Even if you haven’t worked up that appetite just yet, this place is a must to visit. Take the glass elevator up to the last floor and walk the final flight of stairs to the top - the panoramic views from here are... More

13. Jungmann Square

Jungmann Square is a busy downtown junction in Prague. Conveniently located on both green and yellow lines of Prague's subway it buzzes with people almost at any hour of the day.

This tranquil hidden garden is located between Wenceslas Square and Jungmann Square; it is used often by locals as a shortcut while walking between both squares.
This garden is a pleasant surprise from the busy downtown streets of Prague. Sit down on one of the many benches reminiscing yet another memorable day.

15. Wenceslas Square again.

That's it. You made it! Back to where it all began - on Wenceslas Square...

Hope to see you back in Prague soon, there is always more to discover.