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Mt. Moriah - Winter Detail

From Parking to Peak this guide has the details
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Mt. Moriah via the Carter-Moriah Trail begins in Gorham NH. It is 4.5 miles to summit at 4,049'. Mt. Surprise is the 1st peak you'll... more »

Tips:  AMC White Mountains Trail Map # 5 & 6 is recommended with a compass for a backup to your GPS or smartphone along with a basic... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Mt. Moriah Parking

Parking is available on Mill Street or on Bangor Street - in Gorham NH.

Mill Street parking requires some road walking from parking to trailhead but it is minimal and includes a cool footbridge over a branch of the Androscoggin River.

Bangor street parking gives you immediate gratification since it is just 20 feet from the trailhead. Since... More

2. Mt. Moriah Trailhead

The trailhead is at the end of Bangor Street on the left - across from a couple houses.

The Carter-Moriah Trail is your ticket to the summit.
4.5 miles up.

Mt. Surprise is about 2 miles in at 2,194'.

3. Carter-Moriah Trail

If you are going to summit Moriah in the winter I highly recommend trail crampons. It will take much longer to ascend & descend because in the winter this trail is a constant ice flow & is quite treacherous. In the summer I'd recommend gaiters to help keep the water out of your boots to prevent blisters or heavy boots.

4. Mt. Surpise

If you are not carrying a map or GPS you may think that you have summitted Mt. Surprise a few times along the way the way the trail spikes and dips so frequently.

I highly recommend, in addition to your GPS, to pick up a map of the Carter/Moriah range as a backup to be used with a compass in case of emergency or if your GPS shuts down. I've... More

5. Icy Ascent

6. Vegetation

7. Young Vegetaion

There seemed to be a lot of young vegetation/tree growth along the trail - something to keep in mind - it is important to stay on the trail, carry out what you bring in and try not to disturb trees and plants as much as possible.

8. Almost there!

9. Mt. Moriah Summit

The day that I summitted it was snowing so visibility was poor but I'm told the views from Moriah are wonderful on all sides because of the open rock summit.

10. Summit Post

11. Carter-Moriah Trail

The Carter-Moriah-Wildcat range is a fantastic multi-day multi-peak trip in winter or in the summer.