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A Tour of Bangkok's Prapradaeng by Bicycle

This area across the river is a large expanse of mangrove swamp perfect for exploring by bicycle!
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Put your adventure hat on and take off into the jungle on a bike.

This area - known as the 'green lung' of Bangkok - has a... more »

Tips:  Buy water at the pier, as there are few convenience marts in the jungle.

This tour is not recommended if you're not confident on a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Across the River

At Wat Klong Toey (Klong Toey Temple) you can hop on one of the many ferries that take people to and fro across the river. It's 20 baht per person, and the clerk will likely give you a phone number to call if you'd like a return trip, which is recommended.

2. Bike rental

If you have a bike already, you can skip this part, but if not, you can rent bicycles here for 100 baht per day. They're older 'grannie' models but if you're an average sized human, it should be just fine. Ask to take it on a quick test drive first just to make sure you're comfortable.

This lush little park may seem like a private garden built to indulge the owner's hobby, but it's a delightful stop in a beautiful setting. Several pagodas have rows of glass jars with many specimens of the famed Siamese Fighting Fish, and there are trails and signs with information on the prized fish.

4. Offroad

This is where the trip gets interesting. Take a left onto this raised cement pathway and off you go into the jungle. Following the GPS map isn't vital - in fact, getting lost here is often half the fun. The locals are friendly and will tell you if a chosen path is a dead end. Do keep in mind the general direction that the GPS map wants you go to, ... More

5. Temple Stop

There's nothing particularly awesome about this temple, but it's a nice place to take a rest, get your bearings, and gaze out across the river.

6. Bike Lock

We're about to do a bit of walking, so lock up your bikes here (if your bike didn't come with a lock, it should be OK).

7. Talad Bang Nampung

On weekdays it's deserted, but on the weekends this market is chock-full of shoppers out to find some local food specialities. Take your time and wander around. Don't be afraid to sample the many types of regional food specialties and snacks, from jelly candies to barbecued duck's tongue.
Note that the market is only open on the weekends.

8. More offroad

Take a right onto this pathway for some more jungle riding.

9. Treehouse Drinks

The Bangkok Treehouse hotel is an eco-friendly oasis in this jungle area. If you feel like it, stop by for a drink and take in the breeze and river view. The owner, Mr. Joey, is one of the friendliest guys around.

10. Road riding

Follow this trail as closely as possible - it's mostly just riding straight on the local road for a while. Don't hurry, it's not a race!

11. Bang Krachao Park

You'll emerge in this large park where people go to feed fish, rent paddle boats or picnic. You might even see the odd monitor lizard scurry out of your way if he's sunning himself on a pathway. Again, take it slow and easy and enjoy the scenery.

12. Back to the Pier

Once you leave the park, turn right and head back to the pier to return your bike and head back into the big, bad city. Mission accomplished!