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Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle,one of the oldest original-constructed castles in Japan.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.4 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Hikone-jo(Hikone Castle)is similar to that of a cake.With a cake,several ingredients are lovingly blended,then,following the allotted ... more »

Tips:  As Hikone-shi (Hikone City) is on the J.R. Tokaido Line (Main Line), access, from wherever you are staying in the Kansai Region, or... more »

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Points of Interest

Hikone Station is serviced by two railways - J.R. Tokaido Line (check the "Tips" section for details) and the Ohmi Railways.

2. Old Horse Stables

As you leave the road, cross the bridge over one of the many Moats, you pass-by the Horse Stables, before crossing another bridge to the main gate.
At this point,if you plan to visit the museum,you can visit it now rather than later (as described in a later P.O.I.

3. Rokabashi Bridge, leading to Tenbin Yagura

If you were attacking this castle, you would have had to have climbed a steep hill just to reach this point. Then you would have come-under fire from the defending troops.
The Tenbin Yagura is classified an a "Important Cultural property.

4. Castle Turret.

As a form of defence, the attacking army would encounter any one of three turrets, to protect the castle.
Today, the visitor can stroll-through at leisure.

5. Hikone-jo

Hikone-jo is quite small in comparison to other castles. If you are planning on visiting Hikone-jo, I suggest you arrive early, as once the tourists start arriving, one can wait for up to an hour to gain entrance.
Hikone-jo is a "Hilltop" castle, consisting of three levels,and,if I may add,quite steep to climb,but,once inside,you won't help to... More

6. Interior of Hikone-jo

If you are a tall person,I would warn you to be careful of the low ceilings, but, in saying that, don't hesitate to admire the interior.

7. Turret

Down behind the castle is this little building.It is one of the three turrets, but this one doubles as a display-come-museum. If it is open,pop-down and take a look through.

8. Rakurakeun Palace.

At any time of the year, this makes a very-picturesque sight,especially with the castle in the background.

9. Genkyuen Gardens

Don't rush your time in the gardens. Bring a snack with you, and something to drink, and take-in the serenity and beauty, as you stroll through the gardens and have a picnic.

If you are into museums,like I am, you will find plenty here to attract your attention and inform you with the many exhibits.

I love streets like this,as I am sure you will too, where the old is fused with the new.Where you can buy that souvenir to take home,and,if you are hungry,something to satisfy your taste-buds.

If you intend to end your trip here, you can catch a J.R.Train and return to your base.If you want to visit the "Taga Taisha Shrine", you board the Ohmi Railways train for Taga Taisha-mae station.

You are now in Taga Town. It is such a different atmosphere from the city. Enjoy your stroll through the town to the shrine.

14. Taga Taisha Shrine.

Taga Taisha Shrine is said to date back to 620 and contains both a Buddhist temple and Shinto Shrine.The complex is associated with long life,successful marriage and good fortune.Wandering about the shrine you will get to see the beautiful garden and stone bridge, which were constructed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536 to 1598),a Daimyo,as an offering ... More