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Clean and Green City of Singapore

Singapore's evolution from a Garden City to a City in a Garden.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8.6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Singapore has evolved from a garden city to a city in a garden. Following the vision of the Father of Modern Singapore, residents... more »

Tips:  Singapore is located in the Equator, so it has a tropical climate. The humidity is high, but with the proper attire and comfortable... more »

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Points of Interest

Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel to keep out the seawater. It is the first reservoir in the city and the largest in the country.

Here you will see how Singapore created its own water supply, managing floods, and creating an example of a green lifestyle attraction.

It is a showpiece of environmental sustainability that is... More

The newest landmark in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a spectacular and colorful garden.

This waterfront garden showcases plants from all over the world, with special emphasis in the natives from Singapore.

Inside the cooled conservatories you can find a wide diversity of plants species from around the world.

You will enjoy the themes and... More

This stretch along the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts has a two-tier promenade and a Mist Walk, which is a cool mist system that brings down the temperature to cool the surrounding to create a desirable cooling experience along the walk.

Stroll along to the southern corner, where you can find dancing water jets fountain, which are linear... More

This pedestrian bridge links Bayfront to Marina Centre.

The double Helix structure resembles the structure of DNA, symbolizing life, continuity and growth.

5. Youth Olympic Park

This park features art created by local youths, depicting life's aspirations.

The park was built to commemorate the Youth Olympic Games, held in Singapore in August 2010.

At night, it has coloured LED lights, which makes this park a visual treat.