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Bear Mountain & Doe Mountain - Sedona, AZ

5.3 mile trail near Sedona, Arizona. Bear Mtn is strenuous; Doe Mtn moderate.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 5.3 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Bear Mtn & Doe Mtn, Sedona is about 5.3 miles long and located near Sedona, Arizona. The trail is great for hiking and normally... more »

Total elevation for Bear was 1950; 800 for Doe (according to ET). Maps list elevation gain for Bear Mtn at 1200 feet and elevation gain for Die Mtn at 400 feet. Every Trails seems to add all elevations together, for a total count. 

Bear Mtn was truly strenuous, (defined as "length and steepness offers some challenges for experience hiker looking for a longer hike or elevation gain").   Sure, there were inexperienced hikers (the ones with the worried looks on their faces) on the trail, but better to tackle the more moderate Doe Mtn if you are recreational climber.

Bear Mtn is only about 2.5 miles one way. It is strenuous, but has beautiful views. The strenuous is a lot of steep inclines with large set-ups. Tiring, to say the least. Which is why there aren't a lot of photos of the trail....

Doe Mtn, at only .8 mi. one-way, is ranked as "moderate" ("length and steepness offer some challenges for people who hike regularly"). This is .8 up and .8 down, unlike Bear that is up and down. Beautiful vistas, and a good view of Bear Mtn.
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Tips:  We did both in one day, but that's not a great idea because then you are just powering through the hike and not enjoying it. 

... more »

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