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Walk along San Elijo State Beach

A nice walk along the beach from the cliffs where you will find many surfers as well as many local birds.

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 0.7 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  San Elijo state beach is a major practice area for surfers of all levels. As you walk along the very flat, fine-grained beach you... more »

Tips:  Things-to-do: bird-watching, surf water, surfing (short and long board zones are both good during low-mid tide). This beach can get... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Day-use parking lot

Park your car here and find the machine for buying a day-use parking permit. You will also find restrooms and stair access to the beach.

The entrance to the campground is separated by a fence; the only way to get around is to walk along the paved pedestrian path around the fence, about 100 yards away.

2. Park Office

This first aid equipped (AED available) camp office offers information on the area and has a shower token dispenser on the wall outside.

There is also information on the local plants of the area for those interested in learning about them.

3. Scenic beach

Other than the large crowds of surfers on the beach (some beginners, and some very good), this is also a great place for bird-watching. Many of the local birds come from nearby San Elijo Lagoon or the Ecological Reserve (over 300 species of bird), and they seem to cover the entire beach front.

4. Direct access to beach from campground

To gain beach access without having to walk up/down the stairs, one can access the beach from either ends of this park -- through the day use parking lot or through the far end of the campground area by the amphitheater.

5. Cardiff State Beach

Cardiff State Beach is a neighboring beach bordered by the canal of water out of the San Elijo Lagoon. This canal has enough water to make it difficult to cross on foot.

Your entrance pass for San Elijo State Beach will also work at this beach if you visit on the same day.