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Kids Love Seals and Sea Creatures in La Jolla

Kids like seals. You can walk right up to them in La Jolla. Then kids get bored so there are other things to do too.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  If you've been in San Diego for any amount of time, you're going to hear about seals. Seals are a source of great joy for the many... more »

Tips:  No matter how warm it is in San Diego, it's always eight to 10 degrees cooler in La Jolla. There are lots of stairs on this journey... more »

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Points of Interest

The Children's Pool has everything a kid could want. Surf and sun, gigantic pelicans flying overhead, hundreds of squirrels living under the sidewalks leading to and around the man-made cove...

Oh, and seals.

The seals came ashore and started a firestorm between people who like seals and people who don't like seals because they bring people... More

2. The Sea Wall

Probably the best place to see seals on one side and the wondrous Pacific Ocean on the other is to walk the sea wall.

3. Bluffs overlooking more squirrels and tidepools.

Tidepools! There are very few places in California to see the unique ecosystem that tidepools represent. As the tide retreats from the rocky point, various creatures get trapped in crevices (deep cracks) in the rocks. You can see small fish, crabs, starfish and sea anemone.

As the tide comes in, the waves blast against the rocks, providing... More

That is really what it's called. From the tidepools, you'll approach the museum from the back. From that standpoint, you'll be able to see a number of pieces of public art that the museum commissioned, was donated or that San Diego didn't want. Look for the sculpture of the boats all stuck together for an example of public art that was too... More

The La Jolla Rec is one of the cleanest and best kept recreation centers in the San Diego system. If you've got kids who were just a little too wet for the Museum of Contemporary Art, the bathrooms here are safe and clean.

There are also a number of fun things for kids to do here but please be careful crossing Prospect Street. La Jolla drivers... More