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Janet's Cabin

Hike, snowshoe, or nordic ski to this beautiful back-country cabin near the Colorado Trail and the continental divide.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 5.5 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Whether you visit in the summer or in the winter, you will fall in love with this trail, the scenery, and the comfortable cabin.

The ... more »

Tips:  Don't forget to reserve Janet's Cabin well in advance. (nearly a full year in most cases)
You are at over 10,000 feet for much of this... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Janets Cabin

This cabin is part of the famous Tenth Mountain Huts located in the mountains of Colorado. It makes a cozy accommodation in the winter for snowshoers and nordic skiers. In the summer, it is used by travelers on the Colorado Trail.
In order to use the cabin, you must make reservations (well) in advance.

2. Great side trips

Once you are up at the cabin, the side trip options are nearly endless. There are many great peaks, passes, trails, and ravines to explore.

3. Base of steep climb to cabin

If you are heading up to the cabin, you have one last, fairly long climb upward. You will actually ascend to slightly above and to the left of the cabin, then head down to it.

4. Wildlife viewing

It is possible to see wildlife in this area in both the summer and winter. During our snowshoe trek in February, we saw the two young birds in the accompanying photo. It was at quite a distance, & I only had my point-and-shoot, so the picture quality isn't the greatest for this type of shot, but if you look closely, you can see the young,... More

5. Beautiful valley

Okay, the whole trail is beautiful, but this little opening is especially gorgeous.

6. Bridge over stream

Throughout your excursion, you will cross the ravine a couple times. In this particular spot, there is a nice bridge to facilitate crossing the creek.

7. Trail enters Copper Mountain ski area

You will come to a sign that reads, "Farley's FoPaw." The trail widens at this point and is often groomed or packed by heavier use by skiers and snowshoers.
If you are on your way to the cabin, the trail narrows here and heads up the ravine. If you are on your way out, the trail becomes wider and heads up a pretty precipitous slope.

8. Union Creek at Copper Mountain

If you are taking this particular route, this is either your beginning or ending point. If you are parked in the Alpine Parking Lot, you can catch a free shuttle bus from the lot to here or vice versa.

9. partner system

It's nice to have a buddy to help get items out of your pack, hand you your water bottle, or just to keep you company on the trail.

10. limited visibility

Be sure to have goggles and/or good sunglasses. You are just about guaranteed to have either blinding snow or glaring sun for part of your trip.

11. snowy trail

December, January, and February are usually good snowshoe months and often provide powder snow for your trekking pleasure.

12. warm clothing

Be sure to wear warm clothing and pack extras. Snow and sweat tend to get your clothes wet, and wet clothes are cold clothes.

13. snowshoe adjustment

Make sure you've got your nordic skis and snowshoes adjusted properly before you head out on the trail.

14. ghost trees

The fine powder snow turns the local conifers into winter spirits.

15. Winter wonderland

If you have only explored Colorado in the summer, you're missing a whole new world of snowy landscapes and frosted trees.

16. snowshoe heaven

If you are journeying through untracked powder, pay close attention to landmarks to avoid getting off track.