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Brickell/Financial District Walking Tour

A leisurely walk from downtown through the financial district along the bay.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 6.6 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour takes you through some of the highlights of the Southern Portion of downtown, known locally as the Brickell Area, Brickell... more »

Tips:  Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and bring water. Drink water even before you are thirsty.

At any point if you wish to... more »

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Points of Interest

Start at the Latin American Cafe and begin your day the way many resident Cubans do. Order a "cafesito," which is much like an Expresso but much sweeter. It is said Cubans take their coffee this way because it's too hot in Cuba to drink a hot cup of regular coffee.

Also popular is "Cafe Con Leche" (Coffee with Milk) and "Tostada" (Cuban Toast... More

2. Mildred and Claude Pepper Fountain

Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi designed this fountain, which is named after the late Senator Claude Pepper, a popular defender of elderly rights, and his wife. The fountain's design represents the phases of the sea. You will see the calm phases, as well as the waves in the basin. That being said, on most days, you'll see the fountain in a... More

3. Slide Mantra

This is another work by Isamu Noguchi. This 29 ton marble sculpture is designed to bring play and art together. Isamu Noguchi redesigned Bayfront Park in the 1980s with a vision of a park "for the people". Feel free to let the little ones play on the slide (or yourself if you feel so inclined).

4. Torch of Friendship

This memorial was erected in 1960 as a sign of Pan American goodwill. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it was rededicated to his memory.

5. Challenger Memorial

This sculpture, also by Isamu Noguchi, is dedicated to the astronauts of the last Challenger Flight. The 100 foot metal pipe tower invokes images of the plume cloud left behind by the ill-fated voyage. It also invokes images of DNA, reminding us how we are all linked together.

6. Brickell Avenue Bridge

This bascule bridge was originally built in 1915 and was replaced in 1995. Do not attempt to cross the bridge when the bridge tender engages the pedestrian gate. On the east side of the bridge, note the 53 foot tall bronze sculpture by Manuel Carbonell. It is titled "The Pillar of History" and its top features a Tequesta Indian Family. The warrior... More

7. Miami Circle

When the Icon building was being built, an archeological survey was performed. The Miami Circle was discovered, the only evidence of a permanent settlement cut into rock in North America. It consists of a perfect 38 foot circle cut into the limestone below. The panels around the park depict its history and its possible uses at the time. Note that ... More

8. Brickell Park - Brickell Family Mausoleum

This park used to contain several Indian Burial Mounds, however over time there exact location has been lost to history. This site was also the home of Mary Brickell, one of the founders of Miami. She owned the land here, bordered by the Miami River to the north. At the time, she named this area "Millionaire's Row," although most of the mansions... More

9. First Presbyterian Church of Miami

This church was built in 1949 and is an exact replica of the church built north of this site in 1900.

This restaurant is a great place to relax. If the weather is nice, ask to sit on the outside terrace on the bay.

Every item is priced at $14, $20, or $24 and includes an appetizer of your choice.

11. Sculpture at Jade

This is a sculpture by Daniela Wicki. At night the glass piece at the top of the metal "stems" gradually change color.

12. St Jude Catholic Chruch

This church built in 1946 is in the Romanesque Gothic style. It is built from reinforced concrete and faced with limestone. It is part of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Byzantine rite but accepts those of all faiths.

You are welcome to enter to admire the terrazzo floors and exposed beams and arches, but be mindful of the practicing... More

13. The Palace 1541 Brickell

As you stand in front of The Palace Condo building, take a look across the street to the building named Brickell Capital.

This is one of the examples of the mansions that used to line Brickell Avenue, formerly known as Millionaire's Row. This was the home of George E Nolan and one of the few homes spared by the hurricane of 1926. The trees and... More

14. Fort Dallas - Santa Maria Condominum

As you approach the Santa Maria Condo building, you will see a marker approximating the location of Fort Dallas (the original name of Miami).

There is also another example of a Brickell Mansion partially hidden from view behind the wall. It is currently used as the recreation center for the building.

If you look at the buildings on the South ... More

15. Atlantis Building

This is perhaps one of the most iconic of Miami's downtown buildings. It also hides a practical joke by the architectural firm of Arquitectonica.

As you approach the building, note the hole cut out from its center with the bright red spiral staircase. The cut out also contains one of the building's pools and hot tubs.

As you pass the building... More

16. Brickell Park (1814)

Here is the second park known as Brickell park. During its construction Indian Remains were found here. Construction only continued after a blessing from the Miccosukee Tribe.

Located in the rear of the park at the center is a memorial to the September 11 attacks. The memorial was created by French sculptor Christian Bernard. His sculpture... More

17. Simpson Park Hammock

This secluded park will give you an idea of what this area looked like before development. There are several trails to explore and the shade provided by this subtropical hardwood hammock offers a welcome relief from the Miami sun.

18. Home of Arva Moore Parks

This yellow framed home is the home of Author and Miami Historian Arva Moore Parks. She is largely responsible for the protection of many Miami landmarks including Harry Truman's Miami Little White House and the Biltmore Hotel. Her works include "Miami, The Magic City” and “George Merrick’s Coral Gables".

This home is an example of the homes that... More

19. Petit Douy

This was the former home of John and Ethel Murrel. At the time of its construction, there was a widespread American desire for architecture and craftsmanship from an earlier period. It is the only example of a French Chateau in Miami. Of note are the two towers and leaded windows. It serves as a doctors office today.

John Murrel was one of the... More

20. Metromover Financial Station

From this point you may elect to conclude this tour by walking east to the free Metromover for transport back to Bayfront Park station which will leave you near the start of the tour. Simply board any arriving train and debark at Bayfront Park Station and enjoy the aerial views of the Miami skyline.

You may also opt to continue along South Miami ... More