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Pensacola with Kids: A Fantastic Family Friendly Destination

Best known for its beautiful beaches and the home of the Blue Angels, your family will have plenty to do in Pensacola!
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  Pensacola is the ultimate (at least we think so!) family friendly destination with activities and attractions that will entertain... more »

Tips:  Depending on the ages of your children and their interests, you may choose to visit only one activity all day or you may wish to spend... more »

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Points of Interest

The National Naval Aviation Museum is one of the world's largest aviation museums. You can see planes, vintage uniforms, historic documents, and dioramas. Our favorite part of the museum is the Cockpit Trainers. You can climb in and out of the cockpits of helicopters and jets while listening to a recording of radio transmissions. There is also... More

2. Blue Angels Practices

On many Tuesdays and Wednesdays from March to November, you can view the Blue Angels Flight Squadron practice their acrobatics. Practices are held on the flight line behind the National Naval Aviation Museum. Check the schedule before you go because there is a chance you might be able to attend a meet and greet and get pilot autographs. Be sure... More

The T.T. Wentworth Museum is full of Wentworth's eccentric collection of items. When we visit this museum with our young children, we skip the first two floors and head straight up to the Discovery Gallery where children can learn about colonial Pensacola with hands-on activities, dress up and role play. The room is sectioned off into different ... More

4. Plaza de Luna, Pensacola FL

Plaza de Luna is a waterfront park at the end of Palafox Pier. It offers a splash pad for the kids, a big grassy field to have a picnic, and areas to reel in fish. Grab a sandwich or some ice cream at de Luna's, a full concession stand. During the summer months, head over there on Thursday nights for sunsets at the plaza where you can listen to... More

5. Pensacola Trolley Tours

Take a guided tour of Pensacola in an 1880's streetcar replica. This tour highlights different areas of the past 450 years in Pensacola. The tour is just about an hour long and makes one stop at Joe Patti's Fish Market where you will be treated to a taste of gelato or bread (depending on the season). The tour begins and ends at the Pensacola... More

6. Bayview Park, Pensacola, FL

When it is time to let the kids run around and just be kids, make a trip to Bayview Park. There is a playground that is suitable for children of all ages. It is on the water where you can watch the kayaks and canoes go by. There is a sidewalk around the park that is great for walking or bike riding. After playing, head to J's Bakery for a... More

Ft. Pickens is located on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. When you are finished with a ranger led or self-guided tour of the largest of four forts built to defend Pensacola Bay, take your cooler and towels out to the beach where you can sit in the sun all day long. Keep an eye out for wildlife and sealife. You can see jellyfish, stingrays, ... More

8. Quietwater Beach, Pensacola FL

Quietwater Beach is a family friendly stretch of sand on Pensacola Beach. The water is calm and the waves are minimal. Lifeguards are not always on duty so swim with caution and follow all signs and advisories. There are gazebos with picnic tables and plenty of parking if you get there early in the morning. Restrooms are nearby. Quietwater... More

9. Peg Leg Pete's, Pensacola, FL

After a long day playing in the sand, eat an early dinner on the deck at Peg Leg Pete's. Grouper nuggets are always our children's pick from the kid's menu! The kid's meal comes in a bright teal sand bucket that is perfect to take back out to the beach.

Address: 1010 Fort Pickens Road
Phone: 850-932-4139
Hours of Operation: 11am until daily

10. Atlas Oyster House, Pensacola, FL

The Atlas Oyster Bar is a wonderful place for parents looking for a meal that does not include a toy in it but still welcomes children. The children's menu is full of kid friendly choices including chicken fingers and french fries as well as a few choices not typically seen on a kid's menu like sushi! Sit on the deck and watch the sun go down as... More