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The Potato Knoll

An easy hike in Red Rock Canyon outside of the Scenic Drive Loop.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a great hike at Red Rock Canyon without driving the Scenic Drive to get to the trailhead. The trailhead is the large parking ... more »

Tips:  There is not much elevation gain nor loss for this hike. Bring plenty of water especially if you hike in warmer weather. There are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Potato Knoll

The Potato Knoll is the large mound below Mount Wilson.

2. Wood debris

Wood from a sled when there was some stone quarrying nearby.

3. Barrel Cactus

Just starting to bloom on July 5, 2010.

4. Trail

On the south side of the Knoll.

5. Coming back

Returning from the west side of the Knoll.

6. Creek bed

One of the dry creek areas you cross. Sometimes there's some water here in the Spring.

7. Some trees

This hike is unusual because there are places that you can rest in the shade.

8. Scenery

Some of the wonderful scenery at Red Rock Canyon.

9. Trailhead

The parking area at the exit to the Scenic Drive at Red Rock Canyon. On weekends, there are generally horse trailers parked here.