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Patterson Road to Dimple Hill

One of the most popular trail runs in Mac/Dunn forest, this old fire road is along climb to a great view of valley
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 7.3 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  From the parking area at Oak Creek, this trail climbs almost 1400 feet in 3-4 miles. But the effort is worth the reward! From the top,... more »

Tips:  Make sure you take some snacks and water, it's a long hike and there are no services once you start.

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead Signs

2. Fire Road

The fire road heads all the way to the top of Dimple Hill. Stay on it and keep right and you'll make it up the hill.

3. Road Intersection

Near the top of the hill, you'll find a 4-way intersection. Keep right and head up to the top of Dimple Hill.

4. Willamette Valley

The entire Willamette Valley is stretched out below you in the meadow at the top of Dimple Hill. If you look carefully, you can find all the landmarks of Corvallis in the distance.

5. Trail Signs

At this intersection, you can find signs with updated information about research in the college forests.

6. Test Flume

This concrete spillway is part of an old hydrologic research station on Oak Creek.

7. Dog Swim Area

This is a great spot to let some hot dogs dip their feet.

8. Cleanup Area

This booth has running water and compressed air to help clean up you, your dog, and your bike. It's all in an effort to help stop the spread of invasive plant species.