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Lewisberg Saddle Upper Horse Trail Loop - MacDunn Forest

A great bike ride in MacDunn mostly on gravel roads with a taste of some fun single track on the ascent.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a short loop from the Lewisberg Saddle that is mostly on forest service roads but also give you a taste of some single track... more »

Tips:  Follow Highland Street out of Corvallis until you get to the Lewisberg Saddle Road. Take a left and then veer right onto Sulphur... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Take a Left

Take a left and head downhill.

2. View of Vineyard Mountain

Here if you look through the trees you will have a view of Vineyard mountain on the other side of Lewisberg Saddle.

3. Junction

Ignore the trail off to the left and keep heading down the main road.

4. Horse Trail Entrance

Enter the woods here and start up the top section of the Horse Trail which you will switchback up to another forest road.

5. Trail View

A view of what upper horse trail looks like.

6. Top of Horse Trail

Here you are at the top of Horse Trail and will take a right to follow the forest service road back to Lewisberg Saddle.

7. Bench

A bench here to rest at and a sign describing the forestry practices on the opposite side of the road.

8. Junction

Ignore the trail heading off to the left.

9. Single Track or Easy Road?

Here you can make a choice. At this road intersection there is a single track biking trail heading up into the woods. You can take this or just follow the main road back to the saddle. We tried this after a day of rain and the trail was a sheet of mud so beware. Only ride this single track in the middle of the dry summer!

10. Single Track Trail Photos

Photos from the single track trail to a highpoint then down steeply. It was very muddy when we road this. Only do this after several days of dry weather!

11. Exit of Single Track

Here you will exit back onto the main road just a little ways from the saddle. Take a left and head back to your car.