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Salishan Spit

Walk along the beach past unique homes to a place where seals like to sun.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The three mile sand spit at the mouth of the Siletz River has a remote feel even though it's within easy reach of some of Oregon's... more »

Tips:  Park at the Salishan Shops right off Highway 101 just 3 miles south of Lincoln City.

The gated community on Salishan Spit restricts... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Salishan Shops

Park here at The Spa at Salishan and the Salishan Shops. There is a nice coffee shop here where you can grab a cup of joe for your walk.

Just to the right of the shops you will see a paved path with a sign that says "No Through Traffic". Go down that path and you will find the nature path to take you to the beach.

If you don't want to park... More

2. Nature Trail

Take the dirt trail to your right. This path splits between Siletz Bay to the North and the Salishan golf course to the South.

3. Keep Left Here

4. Beach Access

Keep straight here to access the beach. You can also turn right here and walk along a paved road if you don't want to walk the beach. The paved road is officially a private road and you are supposed to own a home or be staying at the Salishan resort to be on it. Although there aren't any gates to go through if you are walking.

5. Beach

You now have a nice hike down the beach ahead of you. The sand on this beach is really soft. Be on the lookout for wildlife. We spotted a bald eagle on our hike.

6. Seals

Here at the tip of the spit you can look across the river at the Inn at Spanish Head carved into the cliffs. Look for seals swimming in the river in front of you as well.

As you make your way around the tip to the East Side you will come across alot of seals on the beach. Please keep your distance and do not disturb the seals.

7. Prayer Shrine

We found this prayer shirne filled with agates and shells. 100 years of bad luck if you steal someones prayer.

8. Sandy Return Path

Follow the sandy path in front of you through grasses and drift wood. You will find yourself at a parking area and must decide if you want to follow the paved path which takes you past unique homes and lagoons or turn and walk along the beach.

9. Nice Homes

Many of these homes along the road have interesting designs. However, if there is ever a tsunami in this area (as there was in January of 1700) all of these homes will be destroyed.

10. Lagoons

Lot of birds hang out in these lagoons. Look for white cranes as well as blue herons and ducks.