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Columbia Slough Trail - Kelley Point Park to Springwater Corridor Trail

Although the trail is still in development this guide will guide you along the safest bike route along the current trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 26.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Columbia Slough Trail is still under development. There are gaps in the trail from Kelley Point Park to the connection with the... more »

Tips:  To get to Kelley Point:
To get here just follow 99E from Portland until it turns into Marine Drive (120) and follow that north all the... more »

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Points of Interest

From here head south ont he park road towards Marine Drive which you will follow south Past the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area. Feel free to explore the park and check out my seperate guide for this area as well.

2. N. Marine Drive Split

Take a right here along the N. Marine path next to the main road. Feel free to check out the guide I have for Smith and Bybee Wetland area if you are interested in exploring this area before you move on.

3. Back to Marine Drive

Take a left here along the train tracks and head back towards Marine drive to continue East along Marine Drive.

4. Marine Drive Path

This path follows Marine Drive along the shore of the Columbia to where I-5 crosses over it.

5. Bridgeton Gap

Here you will leave the trail as this part of the Columbia Slough Trail hasn't been finished yet. You will follow along a bike lane on Marine Drive to 33rd Street where you will reconnect with the path.

6. Columbia Slough Trail

Here off of 33rd street you will reconnect with the Columbia Slough trail. Hop on it and continue eastward.

7. I-205 Bridge Gap

Here you will again leave the bike path and rejoin the side of Marine Drive for a short distance.

8. Bike Path Again

Cross the road here and rejoin the paved path.

9. Blue Lake Gap

This is the next section still left to close on the creation of the trail. From here you'll follow Marine Drive east to Troutdale around the Blue Lake Regional Park. You'll re-join a path when you see Blue Lake Road on the right.

10. Path around Blue Lake

Follow this path as it will get you off the road for a little while. I'm not sure if this path is considered the slough trail but its better than the road for a while until you pass the Troutdale Airport.

11. Bike Lane

The path here turns into a bike Lane along Marine Drive. Follow this and Marine Drive around a bend and under I-85 to NW Frontage Road. Use the track included here as a guide.

12. Frontage Road

Follow the bike lane along Frontage Road to NW 257th Ave heading south.

13. NW 257th Ave

You are going to follow this road south along the bike lane on its side all the way south to Rte 26 (Mt. Hood Highway) where you'll head back west on SE Palmquist Road.

14. SE Palmquist Road

You will head west on this road past a few sports parks and across SE Hogan Road to where it becomes SE Roberts Drive. When you come to a Y take a sharp left to meet up with the Springwater Corridor Trail. This is the only part of this trip where there isn't a clear bike lane or path so be careful with traffic and perhaps stick to sidewalks if ... More

15. SE Regner Road

Take a quick left here to immediately meet up with the Springwater Corridor Trail. From here you can head back towards Portland to the north.