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Ten Falls Canyon Trail

A trail in Silver Falls State Park past 10 beautiful waterfalls, perfect for the whole family.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 10.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This casual hike through a beautiful canyon in Oregon's largest State park takes you past TEN beautiful waterfalls ranging in height... more »

Tips:  Day use permits are required year round and as of this writing cost $5 with an annual pass costing $30. Pets are allowed in the park ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of the hike

The start of the hike brings you past a cafe and gift shop and bathrooms. Stop in if you have to go because there aren't any more restrooms on the trip. Make sure to read the informative signs along the path to learn about the construction of the famous Canyon Trail and the largest State Park in Oregon. Entrance to the park costs $5 for the day... More

2. South Falls

This Fall is 177 feet Tall and is the first one you will encounter on the trail. It has a loop trail to bring you back to the parking lot and gift shop if you don't want to continue on down the trail for the full 10 mile loop hike.

3. Lower South Falls

After a mile you come to 93ft Lower South Falls. After descending several switchbacks with a metal railing you can walk behind the falls to continue the walk. Take a few minutes in this area to check out the vegetation and how cool it is to be directly behind such a beautiful waterfall! Take photos!! You will have just over a mile to the next ... More

4. Lower North Falls

1.25 miles from Lower South Falls you will come to the 30ft Lower North Falls of Silver Creek. There is a dramatic difference in how this waterfall looks in the spring compared to the early fall as you can see from the photos!

5. Double Falls

Before you get to the footbridge over Hult Creek you will come to a trail heading off to your left. It's pretty short and it leads you to the tallest waterfall on the hike at 178ft! During the summer and fall there may not be much water trickling over the top but during the wet winter and spring this is worth the extra effort to go check out!

6. Drake Falls

This waterfall on Silver Creek is the smallest at only 27ft but there is a nice viewing platform for you to take a rest at and check out the beauty of the surrounding forest.

7. Middle North Falls

This waterfall is one of my favorites. It is 106ft tall and a short side trail will lead you underneath it. Sometimes this trail is chained off (no idea why) but most of the time it is open. It doesn't have the protective rock wall of Lower South Falls and the rocks can get slippery when wet so try to stay on the path as a slip to the narrow... More

8. Winter Falls

To get to the 134ft Winter Falls you need to take the Winter Trial a half mile to it. You can cut the hike in half here and climb out of the canyon from the falls to return via the Rim Trail 1.1 miles to the parking lot or (the better choice) return via the Winter Trail to the Canyon trail and head onwards towards the final waterfalls. TIP: If ... More

9. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is only 31 feet but during months of high flow it can beautiful as the water is split into two cascading streams. It is a mile to the next massive waterfall but along the way you will be teased with many views of it to keep your energy up.

10. North Falls

This 136ft beauty has carved out a cave behind it through erosion of softer rock. The trail takes you down a series of steps and then into the cavern behind the roaring falls. This is by far one of the coolest waterfall experiences in the Pacific Northwest. During high flow this waterfall is spectacular. It is amazing how far back the cavern... More

11. Upper North Falls

Upper North Falls is a 65ft beauty that cascades into a calm pool below. You will need to continue on the trail under the highway for almost a half mile to get to it but during high flow months it is worth it. If you are tired and don't want to continue on don't worry, as there is a parking lot there and you can easily park there and come back... More

12. Old Growth Forest

From the North parking lot is just over two miles back to your car. It's pretty flat walking through a beautiful old growth forest with a paved bike trail that zigs in and out of the path you are on. Take your time to enjoy these massive trees and stop for a few minutes to lean up against them and look up at their towering canopies. You've just... More