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Public Art And Mural Discovery Trail - Seaside, Oregon

Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the murals and public art in and around Seaside, Oregon.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Seaside is collecting art in a big way! A growing collection of downtown murals offers opportunities to learn a bit of Seaside's... more »

Tips:  Wear some good footwear and be prepared for all weather. The downtown area has lots of shops and restaurants.

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Points of Interest

This beautiful, retro-style "Greetings from Seaside, Oregon" Postcard mural is a favorite among visitors to Seaside. Located on the back of the building (the south west corner), this mural features vignettes from Seaside's rich historical past. It's a great place to take an individual or group photo, perfect for sending to the people back home... More

2. End of the Trail Monument at Seaside Turnaround

Located in the center of Seaside's famous automobile Turnaround at the west end of Broadway in Seaside.

Bronze sculpture of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and dog, Seaman. The End of the Trail monument commemorates the 18-month, 4,000 mile journey from St. Louis, Missouri to the Oregon Coast by the Corps of Discovery. Lewis and Clark, as well... More

3. Seaside Postcard Mural & Beach Scene Mural: Broadway & Columbia

Seaside Postcard Mural & Beach Scene Mural

Location: Columbia & Broadway, SW corner. 1-East exterior wall along Columbia of old movie theater building. 2-North exterior wall along Broadway of old movie theater building.

The mural depicts Seaside's long and historic place in history as the first resort town on the west coast. The post... More

4. Quilt of Seaside Memories Mural

Location: 210 Galleria, off Broadway just East of Columbia about 1/2 block. East wall of building Zinger's Homemade Ice Cream is in.

Mural depicting a quilt with squares illustrating Old Seaside Memories.

5. Carousel Mall Murals

Location: 300 Broadway, Carousel Mall. Carousel Mall Interior East wall along Carousel center room. Two separate murals reside in same room. The carousel is one of the oldest of its kind and has been maintained and kept in beautiful condition. Its a great opportunity for parents and grand parents to have a picture on a historic and beautiful... More

6. Hood-to-Coast Mural & Beach Volleyball Mural

Location: 401 Avenue A; Beach-N-Brew Lounge.

The murals at this location tell the story of Seaside's long tradition of hosting what are now the two largest events of their kind in the world! The Hood to Coast Relay is the worlds largest relay running race, and the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament is the worlds largest amateur beach volleyball ... More

7. Clatsop - Nehalem Tribal Mural

Location: 39 S. Holladay Dr.; North wall of Holladay Drug

Mural depicting Clatsop-Nehalem tribal life before the arrival of European settlers. The mural shows the view from the estuary where historically there was an Indian village, women gathering berries, tribal males out on the river hunting for salmon and tribal elders.

Artist: Roger Cooke

There are two Seaside Public Library murals. The building exterior north wall has a mural representing pre-pioneer nature scene to include Tillamook Head with modern-era boy reading a book.

Inside the children's library room, a mural illustrates scenes from several well-known fairy tales on the exterior wall of the Ashlynn Anderson puppet theater... More

9. Murals at Sunset Pool & Recreation Center

Location: 1140 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon. Sunset Pool, Seaside Public Pool Facility.

There are three notable murals at Sunset Pool:
1. Interior south lobby wall of Sunset Pool. Mural of pool and swimmers. The mural was created to capture the fun magic of water and weightlessness…the weight of the world is less under water! This mural... More

10. Wood Tufted Puffin Sculpture: Broadway Park 1300 Broadway Seaside

This wood-carved sculpture of a Tufted Puffin surfing a wave can be found at Seaside's Skate & Ride Park at Broadway Park, 1300 Broadway, east of Hwy 101 in Seaside.

11. Orcas Mural

Location: 811 First Ave. Next to 811 1st Ave./Custer House. View from sidewalk in front of Custer House. Mural is on East exterior wall of building next door to the south.

As Seaside is on the migratory path for whales which can sometimes be seen spouting on their long journey along the coastline, this is a fitting scene of ocean life that... More

12. Daddy Train Mural

Location: 570 Necanicum Drive, Seaside, Oregon. Seaside Museum and Historical Society, exterior east wall.

The Daddy Train was named after the famous train that brought fathers of families to the coast at the weekends. At the time, women and mothers would bring the children down for a week or so and the fathers would join them at weekends.

... More

13. Seaside Salmon Mosaic Mural

Location: 1172 Necanicum, corner of 12th & Necanicum; Goodman Park in Seaside, Oregon.

Mosaic mural of salmon. The mural is a redesigned version of the original mosaic mural which sat on the wall of the old Safeway building in Seaside. When the new Safeway was built Mike Hinton carefully took down all of the tiles and kept them in buckets... More