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Seaside, Oregon Coast Mountain Adventure

Biking via 300 Mainline, Little South Fork Cross Over Route

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 21.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The ride begins and ends at the Seaside Visitors Bureau parking lot. The ride climbs the back side of the ridge east of Seaside... more »

Tips:  Elevation gain 1,870 ft. Maximum elevation 1,480 ft.

Please wear a helmet at all times. Let someone know where you are going and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Intersection Broadway and Wahanna Road

Turn left to Wahanna Road

2. Intersection Wahanna Road and Lewis & Clark Road

Turn right to Lewis & Clark Road

3. Lewis & Clark Mainline Entry Gate

Ride through gate or around left end if gate is closed. Do not enter if "Closed to Public Entry" sign is posted at gate. Continue straing ahead on paved road.

Note rules and emergency phone number posted on sign at gate.

4. Warrenton Reservoir

Warrenton water reservoir on right inside of chain link fence

5. Intersection 300 Mainline and Lewis & Clark Mainline

Turn right to 300 Mainline and ride past gate.

6. Intersection 300 Mainline and Necanicum Crossover Road

Bear left and continue on 300 Mainline

7. Intersection 300 Mainline and 310 Road

Continue straight ahead on 300 Mainline

8. Intersection 300 Mainline and Little South Fork Crossover

Go straight to Little South Fork Crossover Road past sign post labeled 322/L SO FK XO.

9. Intersection Little South Fork Crossover and Lewis & Clark Mainline

Ride past gate and turn left onto Lewis & Clark Mainline.

Stay on the Lewis & Clark Mainline through another gate and past the Campbell Group Office to return to the entry gate at Lewis & Clark Road.

Turn left onto Lewis and Clark Road and follow the outbound route to return the the Seaside Visitor Bureau.

10. Campbell Group Office

Map of Timberlands can be purchased here for $5.00. Very good investment.

11. IMG_2483.jpg

Morning fog, Little South Fork Canyon.

12. Little South Fork Canyon

Little South Fork Canyon from Little South Fork Crossover Road

13. Little South Fork Canyon

Lush Foliage along Little South Fork

14. IMG_5110.jpg

Twin Peaks from 300 Mainline

15. Viewpoint of Seaside

View of Seaside due east of Avenue U.

16. IMG_5113.jpg

Foxglove (poisonous plant) blooming along Lewis & Clark Mainline

17. IMG_0881.jpg

View of coast from high point of Little South Fork Crossover

18. IMG_0959.jpg

View from Little South Fork Crossover Road

19. IMG_1989.jpg

Davis Point from Little South Fork Crossover Road

20. IMG_1996.jpg

Little South Fork Bridge from Little South Fork Crossover Road.

21. IMG_0877.jpg

Intersection of 300 Mainline and Little South Fork Crossover Road