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North Head Trails

Variety of trails around North Head. Highlights include old fort, lighthouse, and coastal forest.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a nice hike through coastal forest. The Lewis & Clark Expedition came through here looking for a place to build camp for ... more »

Tips:  When I hiked this trail I did it one-way (4 miles) and started at Beard's Hollow. However, if you don't have a shuttle car and you... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Beard's Hollow

You can park here at Beard's Hollow, you will find the trailhead marked "Westwind Trail"

2. Ancient Spruce Forest

3. Parking Area for Lighthouse

You can choose to do a loop trail out to North Head Lighthouse, or continue across the parking lot to continue onto McKenzie Head

4. Light Keepers House

You can actually rent this out and stay here for the night. I've linked to the website in this guide.

Call (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688, or
Washington Telecommunications Relay Service at (800) 833-6388.
Reservable up to nine months in advance.
Two-night minimum stay required (three nights during holidays)

5. View of Cape Disappointment

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, installed in 1856, was obscured to ships approaching from the north by the headland extending southwest from the light. To correct this, a lighthouse was built at North Head, which faces the ocean directly and would be clearly visible to ships traveling from the north. The 65-foot tower stood on a 130-foot ... More

7. North Head Trail

This trail will take you down to McKenzie Head.

8. Hike through the forest

You will hike through spruce and alder trees, and cross the occasional wooden bridge.

9. Cross Road to McKenzie Head Trail

If you choose to start your hike at McKenzie Head enter the North Head trail here.

10. McKenzie Head Trail

There is parking here.

11. McKenzie Head

There is an old World War II bunker you can explore up here. Don't forget your flashlight.

Also, Clark of Lewis & Clark fame wrote the following in his journal from the top of McKenzie Head.

To the iner extremity of Cape Disapointment passing a nitch in which there is a Small rock island, a Small Stream falls into this nitch from a pond... More