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Shadow Mountain, Mt. Spokane State Park

This hike follows the groomed nordic ski trails in the southern part of the park. Easy hiking, but 75% in the sun.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The hike to Shadow Mountain is on groomed Nordic ski paths. Its easy hiking, but ranked "moderate" due to the distance and that 3/4... more »

Tips:  If you are viewing this on the phone App - go online for web links to park resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Selkirk Lodge

For GPS navigation to the trail head, the coordinates are: 47.90323, -117.10005

This is the Nordic Ski area of Mt. Spokane, the trails are groomed ski runs. Lots of different choices in which trails to take.

Hiking in this area is amenable to all sorts of footwear, from well fitting tennis shoes to hiking boots. For going on the entire 10.5 ... More

2. First trail intersection

The Nordic trails intersect at several points throughout the area. This guide took Mt. View then continues out on Sam's Swoop. The Nordic ski maps in the area rates the trails from easy to difficult, which translates to hiking also. It is what makes this area great for so many different users - from casual users to serious hikers.

3. Second trail intersection

Keep an eye out for wildlife, I came across a moose around 7:30 p.m. on evening in late June. FYI - Keep you distance from wildlife, best to retreat and come back around on another trail.

This guide follows Hemlock to the next trail intersection.

4. Third trail intersection - Nova Hut

Nova Hut is a winter warming hut that is open during the summer. A great place to retreat to if you encounter rain or inclement weather. Its also a good lunch place if hiking with kids and you want to contain the kids and have tables to eat at.

Next trail is Wild Moose.

FYI - you could head up to the top of Quartz Mountain, although I would... More

5. To Moose Meadows

At this point you reach an unmarked trail that actually takes you down to Moose Meadows. This connects up with various logging roads.

You also catch periodic glimpses of Mt. Spokane, specifically the ski run.

6. Shadow Mountain Trail

The access to the peak of Shadow Mountain is on the back side of this loop. The two loops in this guide are side-by-side, but you are on a hillside, so its not easy to go cross country between the trails. Plus, you run the risk of losing your way.

7. Shadow Mountain peak

The trail up to the top of Shadow Mountain appears suddenly on your right. It has some branches growing over it, at first you might think its an animal trail or drainage. It quickly opens up.

Click on the links for a You Tube video and an interactive 350º panorama of the top (use the mouse to move the panorama around).

• You Tube video -... More

8. Twin Lakes Trail

On Twin Lakes Trail you start getting some nice southern views of mountain lakes and Spokane Valley. You can even look across to the Liberty Lake park area, about 20 miles away.

FYI - the Quartz Mountain Loop trail is not marked. Its the first train intersection you come to, you do a 270º turn, the Quarts Mountain Loop trail drops below Twin... More

9. Flora

This southern side of the mountain has a different flora to it. You will start noticing different plants and some beautiful flowers.

10. Quartz Mountain Loop Trail

You go through some great old growth forest areas on this trail. At times you spot the southern side of Quartz Mountain. There are also some nice views south, toward Spokane Valley. Bring binoculars to identify areas 15 to 20 miles away.

11. Solitude & perseverance

You don't encounter very many people this far out. Most likely, you will not see anyone else on this stretch of the hike. The trail starts moving upwards, toward the Nova Hut area. Its the point where you might start feeling some sore feet. You encounter a couple of other trails, but its obvious which way to go.

There are some great rock... More

12. Nova Hut - again

Now you have come full circle, you approach underneath Nova Hut. There's actually restroom facilities at Nova Hut.

13. Second trail intersection

You can chose different trails to take back to Selkirk Lodge. Looping on the outside trail you will encounter fewer people.

14. First trail intersection

On the Valley View trail, you do get some nice westward views toward north Spokane.