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Ice Age Trail:Pike Lake

Follow the Ice Age Trail through the Pike Lake Unit and enjoy views from the second highest point in SE Wisconsin.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Ice Age Trail travels through the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Pike Lake Unit, which offers a spectacular viewpoint from a 60 foot ... more »

Tips:  Parking and water are not readily available near the endpoints, but the Pike Lake Unit Beach Area offer both at a convenient mid-point... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive (STH-60)

Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive (STH-60) is the northern terminus of the Ice Age Trail:Pike Lake segment. The Ice Age Trail continues north on the Ice Age Trail:Slinger segment.

There is no good parking area here. The closest parking is available at the Pike Lake Nature Trail trailhead.

2. CTH-CC Trailhead

The Ice Age Trail leaves CTH-CC and enters the woods at a signed trailhead.

The Pike Lake Nature Trail trailhead is 0.5 miles down the trail and offers ample parking.

3. Pike Lake Nature Trail Trailhead

The Pike Lake Nature Trail trailhead offer parking, and informational kiosk, and multiple trailheads for the Ice Age trail and the Pike Lake Nature Trail.

The Ice Age trail joins the nature trail heading south. The east bound nature trail takes you to the Pike Lake camping area.

This is a good place to park if heading north on the Ice Age Trail.

4. Powder Hill Road

A right turn proceeds the trail's intersection with Power Hill Road.

5. Trail intersection

One of the many trail intersection you will find in the Pike Lake Unit. Stay left to follow the Ice Age Trail south.

6. Observation Tower North Spur trail

A short spur trail leads to the Powder Hill observation tower.

7. Observation Tower South Spur Trail

A short spur trail leads to the Powder Hill observation tower.

8. Pike Lake Unit Beach Area

The trail crosses Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive near the entrance to the Pike Lake Unit Beach area.

In addition to the beach, you will find water, restrooms, and ample parking. A Wisconsin State Park pass is required for parking in the Pike Lake Unit Beach area.

The trail leaves the beach area heading south. Stay to the left at the upcoming trail ... More

9. Glassgo Drive North Trailhead

The trail joins Glassgo Drive and heads south for 0.3 miles before re-entering the woods.

10. Glassgo Drive South Trailhead

The trail resumes and enters the woods off Glassgo Drive.

Parking is available at the Pike Lake Unit Beach area.

11. Stairs

A set of stairs help the trail ascend a steep slope.

12. CTH-E Trailhead

The trail leaves the woods past a sign marking the trailhead for the Ice Age Trail:Pike Lake segment. Ice Age Trail:Pike Lake segment ends at CTH-E, but the Ice Age Trail continues on the south side of CTH-E on the Ice Age Trail:Holy Hill segment.

There is no parking available here. Parking is available 0.1 mile south on Glassgo Drive or about 1 ... More

13. Powder Hill Observation Tower

An observation tower stands atop the 1,350ft Powder Hill. This conical shaped hill, called a kame, is the second highest point in SE Wisconsin. The first highest point in SE Wisconsin is Holy Hill, which is easily visible from the top of the 60 foot tower.

The views from the top are not to be missed.

14. Pike Lake Unit Campground

The Pike Lake Unit offer 32 campsites just off the Ice Age Trail.

15. STH-60 Trailhead

The southern terminus of the Slinger segment is at the intersection of STH-60 & CTH-CC. The trailhead is tucked into the wooded area on the northeast corner.

There is no parking available here. The closest parking here is the Pike Lake Unit Nature Trail trailhead 0.5 mile south on the trail. You can also park in Slinger at the Slinger... More

16. Ice Age Trail:Holy Hill

The Holy Hill segment of the Ice Age Trail starts at CTH-E, climbing a small hill south for 0.1 miles to Glassgo Drive.

A shoulder exists on the County highway, but the less traveled Glassgo Drive offers a better option for roadside parking.

17. Glassgo Drive

The trail intesects Glassgo Drive. Some off-road parking is available and is prefered to parking alongside CTH-E.