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Hurrah Pass 4x4 Road, Moab, UT

Easy, but adventurous, drive to high scenic pass

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 9.6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  A short drive takes you through easy parts of Kane Creek Canyon to pleasant views from 4,780-ft. Hurrah Pass. Indian petroglyphs at... more »

Tips:  This is a great SUV trip if you are short on time, but still want a little adventure to wonderful scenery. Hot in summer, especially... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Lot

We start the trail here where the pavement ends. There's a parking lot on the right with BLM Information Board. Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with special rules for this area. Then continue downhill on wide gravel road that drops into Kane Creek Canyon.

2. Amasa Back Biking Trail

On right, going steeply down hill is the Amasa Back Biking Trail. This is also a very difficult 4x4 trail called Cliff Hanger.

3. Birthing Rock

On the right, down the hill a bit, look for a giant boulder. At first it looks like any other rock until you look at it closely. Then you see it is covered with Indian Petroglyphs. Take pictures but please to touch.

4. Hunter Canyon Hiking Trail

On left is parking area for popular Hunter Canyon Hiking Trail. Small area of designated campsites on right. You'll also cross Kane Creek (a.k.a. Kane Springs Creek) at this point. Usually it's just a harmless trickle. But following a heavy downpour, it can flash flood. If you're returning and are on the other side, you may have to wait a little ... More

5. Designated Camping

All along the road you see places to camp, however, you can only camp in designated places. Look for brown posts with little camping symbols. This is a very popular area for ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. If you ride in this area, please stay on marked designated routes only. Because of past abuse, this area is carefully watched by the BLM.... More

6. Second Creek Crossing

Cross Kane Creek again. If you see heavy dark rain clouds in the area, consider the possiblity of a temporary flash flood. You could get blocked in for a short period of time.

7. Turn for Hurrah Pass

Continue straight here (or slightly right) for Hurrah Pass. Left is difficult Kane Creek 4x4 Trail.

8. Switchbacks

A twisty road gets a bit steeper with tighter switchbacks. Although there is some embedded rock along the route, if you go slowly, you won't have any problems.

9. Hurrah Pass

You reach Hurrah Pass at 4,780 feet. There is plenty of room to turn around. A moderate trail continues on to Chicken Corners from this point (available as eGuide from FunTreks on EveryTrail).