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Pritchett Canyon 4x4 Trail

One of the toughest trails in Moab

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 10.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Although the canyon is scenic, a driver barely has time to notice. Most of his attention is spent trying to survive the obstacles.... more »

Tips:  Never drive this trail alone. Carry plenty of parts and know how to make trail repairs. If you don’t, go with someone who does. Take... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

Turn left into parking area at start of trail. First part of trail crosses private property. Review rules at self-pay station, pass through fence opening and turn left. You soon turn right out of wash and enter BLM land. After dropping down a small ledge, trail swings right crossing slickrock. From this point on, the left side of trail is the... More

2. Difficult S-curve

Trails swings left downhill to canyon bottom, then hard right up rock ledges on other side.

3. Chewy Hill

Careful here. A series of big uphill ledges tries to tip you over to the right. It doesn't look that hard, but many people have trouble here. This spot has become known as Chewy Hill for reasons that become obvious after you try to drive up it.

4. Switchback to Right

Bear right uphill and climb switchback.

5. The Waterfall

Follow white dashes across slickrock. A deep hole on the right is optional fun obstacle called the Waterfall.

6. Rocker Knocker

Big ledges that are extremely difficult to get up. Most people start on the right side, moving left until last tire climbs up ledge. We connected strap to roll cage on right rear with a couple of people pulling just in case our Jeep started to roll over. There is a bypass around to left, but it's not much easier.

7. Axle Hill

Steep wall requires tremendous power and good traction. Most vehicles just spin tires trying to get up. Save breaking an axle here by using winch point.

8. Rock Pile, Yellow Hill

Rock Pile is now too big to get up; take bypass on the right side. This obstacle is immediately followed by tall, steep Yellow Hill. Choose from various lines, but be careful. One wrong tire placement with too much gas can flip you over quickly.

9. High Point

You reach a high ridge at the top of Pritchett Canyon and start down the other side. This ends the difficult portion of the trip. Many groups stop at the top for a group picture. A long, but fun,drive remains to get back to Highway 191.

10. Side Trip to Pritchett Arch

Roads go right here to dramatic Pritchett Arch. You'll drive in a ways and park at base of steep hill. Follow hiking path to top of ridge and turn right. Follow cairns about another 0.4 miles along base of slickrock, then turn left and climb slickrock uphill to arch. This hike is strenuous but really worth it.

11. 4-Way Intersection

Behind the Rocks Trail is on the left here. Road on right soon ends and becomes Hunter Canyon Hiking Trail that descend to Kane Creek Road. Behind the Rock and Kane Creek Canyon trails are available as eGuides from FunTreks. Continue west to reach Highway 191.

12. Intersect with Major Dirt Road

Bear left here and follow major dirt road to Highway 191 in 11.6 miles. When you reach Highway 191, Moab is left 12 miles.