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Los Alamos Historical Walking Tour

Walk through hundreds of centuries of history on this short, easy hike in downtown Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.4 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  This walk takes place in the Los Alamos Creative District, a designated New Mexico Arts & Cultural District. The locals in Los... more »

Tips:  Start at the Visitor Center, 109 Central Park Square and pick up a free Historic Walking Tour map and guide.

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Points of Interest

1. Los Alamos Visitor Center & Chamber of Commerce

Open seven days per week, the Visitor Center is a great starting place. You can get a free walking tour brochure as well as information and assistance about all Los Alamos area attractions. Phone 505-662-8105.

2. Post Office

The Post Office is a mid-century architectural gem

3. Ashley Pond Park

A pleasant park with mountain views and a small pond (Ashley Pond Pond) is named for Ashley Pond, headmaster of the Los Alamos Ranch School that was located here in the 1920' through the early 1940's. This park is the heart of the community to many local's and is used for concerts, festivals, and general hanging out.

4. Ice House Memorial

Site of the Ranch School Ice House which was repurposed during the Manhattan Project as a scientific lab. Key components of the Trinity device were assembled here in the 1940's. During the Manhattan Project, laboratory buildings ringed Ashley Pond.

5. Touch the Sky

A memorial commemorating the 2000 Cerro Grande fire.

6. Mesa Public Library

Home to an excellent exhibition gallery, computers for free use and internet access, and restrooms. The library, designed by renowned architect Antoine Predock is visited by students of architecture from throughout the world.

7. Bathtub Row

Google Maps thinks it is 20th Street, but this street was renamed Bathtub Row some years ago in honor of the areas informal name from the Manhattan project era. The log homes date back to the Ranch School era when the served a variety of purposes. Used to house Manhattan Project leaders during the war, the area became known as Bathtub Row... More

This museum tells the story of the community from the creation of the Pajarito Plateau millions of years ago by a super volcano, to the habitation by Native Americans for centuries, to the homesteader era, Los Alamos Ranch School era, Manhattan Project era, up to today. FREE. The entire area you are walking in from Ashley Pond Park to Bathtub... More

9. Fuller Lodge

Built in 1928, this public building was designed by famed New Mexico architect John Gaw Meem who was also instrumental in development of pueblo revival architecture now well known as "Santa Fe style". This is community space used for meetings, dances, lectures, performances, weddings and other events. Feel free to look around inside but please... More

10. Romero Cabin

Restored cabin gives a glimpse of life in the homesteader era.

11. Puebloan Ancestral Structures

The remnants of structures from a village circa 1200 AD

12. Oppenheimer House

View of the Oppenheimer cottage where J. Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Los Alamos effort during the Manhattan Project lived with his family. This is a private residence, so please do not get too close.

13. Los Alamos Little Theater

Housed in a mid-century structure reminiscent of Los Alamos just after WWII, the Little Theater is a great community theater tradition.

Operated by Los Alamos National Laboratory, this museum offers a window into the history and current day activities of the laboratory. Free.

15. CB FOX

If you have never experienced a small town department store, you can't do better than this. Fancy candy counter, travel items, footgear, clothing, gifts, souvenirs, and much more.

16. Shopping and Dining

Many shopping, dining, and treat opportunities on this block ... including Quark, a cozy bar in the Central Avenue Grill with a science motif.

17. Central Park Square

Built just after WWII as Los Alamos' original shopping area, this center still houses a variety of shopping and dining establishments.

18. Los Alamos Farmers Market

Every Thursday morning throughout the summer and fall, farmers, growers and producers from throughout the region gather here to sell a broad variety of produce, baked goods, meats, cheeses, and other goods. Monthly winter markets are held in Fuller Lodge. Operated by Los Alamos MainStreet, detailed seasonal information is available at... More

19. Fuller Lodge Art Center

This pretty gallery features art and collectibles for all budgets. Rotating shows mean that there is always something new to see.

Karen Wray Gallery is a working artist's studio as well as a place to see and shop for works by local artists.

21. UPEX

Don't let the name fool you ... features offerings from more than twenty local artists and artisans embedded in a pleasant copy shop and shipping store. Check it out!

22. More places to shop and eat

Including Blue Window Bistro, the Coffeehouse Cafe, and Smith's Food & Drug