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Breakheart Reservation Trails

Use this guide to help you explore the best spots of Breakheart Reservation
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Use this guide to explore a large loop encompassing all the major featurs of this 640 acre park. You will climb to the top of 5... more »

Tips:  Directions:
Take Route 1 to the Lynn Fells Parkway exit. I don't believe there is a fee to park.

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Points of Interest

1. Parking & Headquarters

Here you can park and explore the park headquarters building. From here you will want to really follow the gps track in this guide. There are a ton of trails in the area that criss-cross the park and it would take me 50+ POI's to explain each one so just keep an eye on the track in this guide to find your way.

2. Breakheart HIll

At 233 feet you are at the top of Breakheart Hil where you will have great views back towards the skyline of boston. Look for the rusted out vehicle frame near the top as well as you take rest from your steep climb from the park headquarters.

3. View over Pierce Lake to Eagle Rock

Here you will have a nice view across the lake towards the rocky top of Eagle Rock before descending the trail down to the beach.

4. Pierce Lake Beach

There are multiple picnic tables in the area as well as a playground for children and you are able to swim in the lake. This is a great place to relax before you start your climb up Eagle Rock.

5. North End of Pierce Lake

You will follow the shore of the lake from the beach to the north end of the Pierce Lake to its outlet for a few more views.

6. Top of Eagle Rock

At 206 feet you are at the top of the very rocky Eagle Rock. From here you will have views over the lake and beach below towards Upper Pond (Silver Lake).

7. Crow Hill

At 272' you are at the top of Crow Hill now and should have views over the ponds to the city in the distance.

8. Castle Rock

At 286 feet you are at the top of Castle Rock now with views towards the city and down to the Power Line Corridor to the west. Backtrack back to the trail and continue southeast along the ridge.

9. Silver Lake Outlet

The outlet of Silver Lake (Upper Pond) that drains into Pierce lake (Lower Pond).

10. Views South over Silver Lake

Some views over Silver Lake from the south end near the outlet that drains into Pierce lake which is significantly lower elevation. From here follow around Pierce Lake on the west side.

11. View North over Silver Lake

Your last view of Breakheart Reservation is north over Pierce Lake. From here follow the trail back to the park road and follow it south around a bend back to the visitor center.