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Family Friendly Prospect Park

A full and fun day in one of the city's best parks
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Prospect Park has so many child-friendly attractions that you might find a single visit won't do them justice. You can also bring a... more »

Tips:  If your child is having a great time at one venue, don't rush him on to the next; come back another day.

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Points of Interest

Start your day at the Prospect Park Zoo, since many of the animals are friskiest early, and if your kids like to feed the animals at the petting zoo, they will be hungry.

On the Discovery Trail, kids can hatch from eggs, hop on lily pads or jump like a kangaroo. They can also climb into prairie dog windows or a large spider web.

The main... More

Cross Flatbush Avenue for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Flatbush entrance is next to the Discovery Garden, where kids can walk a nature trail, touch and smell flowers, dig in the dirt and pump water.

Kids also often enjoy exploring the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, feeding the koi and seeing the waterfall and Torii (gate). The gardens have... More

3. Lefferts Historic House

By now, Lefferts Historic House should be open, so cross back to the park.

Lefferts lets kids play with historic toys like hoops and tops. At demonstrations like candle making, sewing and butter churning, kids are invited to help.

The Lefferts House, part of the 'children's corner' with the zoo and carousel, was built in 18th century Flatbush ... More

4. The Carousel

The Carousel, across from Lefferts House, also opens at noon. The hand-carved 1912 carousel is wheelchair accessible.

Rides are $2 each, $9 for a book of 5; parents riding next to a child have to pay.

Open Apr 2 - Oct 30, Thurs – Sun & holidays, noon - 5pm; till 6pm June 30 – Sept 5.

Interactive exhibits at The Audubon Center include live animals, seeing things through a bird's eyes, and climbing into a huge nest.

Walk the trail around the lake and see waterfalls and wildlife. If your child doesn't respect boundaries, hold onto him; there is no fence or wall at the water's edge. Take a free Discovery Tour, Sat & Sun at... More

6. Imagination Playground

Of the 7 playgrounds in Prospect Park, the Imagination Playground, close to the other park attractions, is the most unusual. The park features a dragon spouting water and a stage, encouraging inventive play, plus climbing structures.

Every Saturday at 2pm in July & Aug is storytelling hour.